Handover of 4-head CNC Router machine S1 – E4 on October 1, 2022


W&B is always the top choice for customers who want to upgrade their wood factories. On October 1, 2022, we just handed over and installed the 4-head CNC machine S1 – E4, workpiece suction system, automatic workpiece lifting and lowering table. Machines available at the factory are suitable for customers’ specialized needs.

Why do customers choose to buy the 4-head CNC ROUTER machine S1 – E4?

For furniture factories that want to minimize labor costs and optimize the production process, they should choose to buy a 4-head CNC ROUTER machine at W&B. The sturdy machine structure meets large production needs, integrating digital technology to manufacture products with complex designs.

More specifically, some outstanding parameters of the machine are below:

  • Taiwan Syntec FC 60CB control system.
  • Slide rail belongs to Taiwanese brand SHAC XZ 25MM, Y30mm.
  • European and Taiwanese power systems
  • Using DELIXI inverters ensures quality meets US export standards
  • The blanking set helps to run the veneer without flying off the veneer.
  • Automatic embryo suction unit
  • Model produced in 2022.
  • Images of machine handover and installation of 4-head CNC ROUTER machine S1 – E4

W&B hands over the machine to customers according to a clear and professional process. A highly specialized technical team with over 10 years of experience provides dedicated installation support and instructions for use.

Currently, the warehouse at W&B always has high quality woodworking machines imported from Europe, Taiwan, and China to meet each customer’s needs. Customers who need advice and detailed machine viewing, please contact the hotline: (+84)908 333 757 for the most dedicated support. Thank you customers for always trusting and accompanying Wood & Brothers.

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