Felder (Austria) is the world’s leading manufacturer of woodworking machine. With more than 60 years of experience in researching, designing and manufacturing woodworking machines. Products from Felder Group always ensure the best processing results and technology to meet the diverse needs of customers in the field of woodworking machine manufacturing worldwide.

Competence & Experience

Felder has more than 200 machine lines manufactured in Europe, ranging from conventional mechanical machines to automated production lines.Woodworking machines at Felder meet all production needs and are suitable for medium to high-end investment.

More than 100 customers in Vietnam use Felder woodworking machines because of their outstanding stability, Felder wood machines create value for customers through the quality of finished products. Wood products and industrial wood boards made from Felder woodworking machines have delicate lines and precise dimensions.

Felder Group is constantly developing and researching exclusive technologies to serve the needs of customers.