How to use sandpaper effectively and economically

Cách sử dụng giấy nhám hiệu quả và tiết kiệm đặc biệt là giấy chà nhám thùng

Any type of sanding machine that wants to produce a perfect product must know how to choose the type of sandpaper suitable for the sanding process such as demolition sanding, rough sanding, and fine sanding to finish the product. Depending on the purpose of the process, we can choose the appropriate sandpaper to make the sanding process most effective and save sandpaper.

Sandpaper used for sanding machines usually has 2 common types:

  • Barrel sanding paper: to be suitable for high-capacity sanding and large sanding width, you should use paper specialized for barrel sanding, a product line with quite large abrasive particles in the fine sanding stage for natural wood surfaces. , block wood. with large sizes such as 600 mm, 900 mm and 1300 mm.
  • Band sandpaper: the characteristic of band sandpaper is that it is quite small in size, the most common width only reaches a maximum of about 300mm. When produced, ice is packed into small strips or rolled into rolls. When used, belt sandpaper is often combined with belt sander, edge sander

One more criterion related to the classification of sandpaper is roughness.

There are different types of sanding paper available with the following roughness:

  • P40: Used to sand the original surface of wood, creating a relatively flat surface
  • P80: Used for sanding but with higher grit (meaning sparse density of abrasive particles) so it gives higher smoothness.
  • P180: Used to smooth wooden surfaces, prepare for PU primer.
  • P240: A type of sandpaper used to remove PU primer during the painting process
  • P320: A type of sandpaper with high smoothness
  • P400: The greatest smoothness today, the finished product will have perfect smoothness


  • Wear full ear protection and dust mask when using the sander.
  • Turn off the power before replacing sandpaper or cleaning the vacuum cleaner bag.
  • Clean the sander’s barrel, dust collector, and work area to avoid fire and explosion. Avoid leaving the machine near fire.
  • It is recommended to use a board longer than 12 inches (305mm), to make it easier to pass through the barrel sander.
  • Do not stuff the wood, pull it out while the machine is running. If the wood is stuck, turn off the conveyor system and sandpaper.
  • Do not use a barrel sander on metal, plastic or materials other than wood.


Any woodworking machine will quickly degrade and break down if we do not know how to use and maintain the machine. You should pay attention to the following items for long-term, durable operation of the machine:

  • Before each use of the machine, pay attention to check whether the screws, sandpaper, and electrical wires are loose or damaged.
  • Apply lubricant to the sanding roller, once a month or after 20 hours of continuous work.
  • Lubricate the conveyor roller every 3-4 months.
  • Any type of barrel sander, when operating, produces a large amount of wood chips and dust, which affects health and is very likely to cause a fire or explosion if accidentally placed near a fire. Therefore, when buying a barrel sander, you should
  • choose a machine with a vacuum cleaner connection to solve the above problems.

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