How to Choose the Right Glue in Furniture Production

Các Lựa Chọn Keo Dán Phù Hợp Trong Sản Xuất Nội Thất

How to Choose the Right Glue in Furniture Production? The right adhesive choices in furniture production will definitely help your business’s production operations go smoothly. In the following article, Woodbro will provide you with the best glues in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Titebond multi-purpose adhesive

One of the suitable glue options in furniture production that we cannot ignore is Titebond multi-purpose glue. Even natural or industrial wood can be used. This is a type of glue with high adhesion and strength, suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments. With quick drying time, in less than 1 hour, the glue dries to a solid consistency. From there, the hardness of the product is guaranteed.

Các Lựa Chọn Keo Dán Phù Hợp Trong Sản Xuất Nội Thất

EVA wood glue

At furniture factories, this is one of the glues chosen by many artisans. The outstanding advantage of the product is its extremely high adhesion, which is more popular for industrial woods. However, there are also many users who believe that, in terms of durability, this type of glue is not really suitable for users, easily peeling off after a period of use.

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PU glue

The excellent non-stick and waterproof ability of PU glue has been recognized by many users. Moreover, the product is recognized as one of its kind that is resistant to corrosion, and ensures the health of consumers.

Keo PU

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CA wood glue

The properties of this type of glue are that it dries very quickly. You don’t need to wait a long time, just 1 minute. All interior products adhered with this glue will dry quickly on the surface. Even glues that have smooth wood surfaces and are difficult to adhere to are very suitable when using this type of glue.

Latex glue

Latex glue is one of the suitable glue options in furniture production that we definitely need to own. This type of glue has a milky white color and has extremely fast adhesion, ensuring high aesthetics for customers when using furniture. Besides, the bearing capacity of this type of glue is very good, water resistant, high heat resistant,… Does not affect the user.

So with the above suitable glue options in furniture production, we hope that customers can choose the best product during use.


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