Shipping Policy

Free delivery in the following areas: Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Cu Chi, HCMC.

Delivery method:

  • For new woodworking machines available: The machine will be shipped within 24 hours after completing the contract or at the request of the customer.
  • For woodworking machines to order – wait for import: Installation and delivery time will be negotiated and notified specifically to the buyer.
  • Crane: applicable to customers with distance < 300km
  • Professional trucks: applicable to customers with distance < 300km

Wood & Brothers woodworking machine warranty policy

Wood & Brothers Joint Stock Company, with our efforts to develop and constantly assert ourselves in the woodworking machine supply market, is always proud to be a reputable woodworking machine supplier in the Vietnamese market. With the motto “Responsibility – Professionalism – Efficiency” with quality, professional warranty service and dedicated customer care service to customers are always the top priority to help us receive the best service. Support and trust of customers. And is a great motivation for our company to try to promote and affirm our brand in the market.

Warranty Policy

In parallel with providing woodworking machines, the maintenance and maintenance of products for customers is always something that W&B focuses on.

W&B woodworking machines apply a warranty for all product lines provided by W&B Company nationwide. In the event the product is damaged due to a manufacturer defect, all costs and spare parts will be at W&B’s expense (including: cost of repair, spare parts).

Note: For damage outside the warranty period, W&B will still be responsible for repairing and replacing genuine parts for customers but will be charged additional fees.

Warranty period

Products provided by W&B are warranted for 12 months after installation and acceptance.

Warranty conditions

  • The product is within the warranty period and is still valid (from the date on which the customer signs and accepts the machine).
  • The machine serial number must match the machine number on the acceptance slip.
  • Products supplied by W&B have their labels intact when they leave the warehouse and have not been changed from the original design of the product and the conditions of use are different from the agreed upon.

Cases not covered by warranty

  • First: Due to abuse of capacity, the machine’s features are overloaded.
  • Second: The serial number, product model does not match the contract (machine acceptance).
  • Third: The product is not covered by the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty.
  • Fourth: The product is damaged by the Customer’s own repair without consulting and guidance from the technician of W&B.
  • Fifth: Due to the impact, natural wear and tear during the use of the machine and some other objective reasons…

Charged repair cases

The cases in which the warranty period expires and is in the “Case not covered by the warranty” section of the W&B Woodworking Machinery company will still receive repairs and charge a fee.

(Repair fee will be consulted and quoted by the Technical Department of W&B to customers).

Responsibilities of Wood & Brothers Woodworking Machinery

  • W&B is committed to providing and maintaining a 24/7 technical warranty.
  • W&B is only responsible for the warranty on the supplied product by replacing defective parts or components…
  • W&B is committed to bringing customers the most professional, fast and convenient experience.
  • W&B is not responsible for damage, loss or other causes caused by improper and improper use by the Customer.

Privacy Policy

Wood & Brothers Joint Stock Company is committed to the absolute security of customers’ personal information in accordance with the company’s information protection policy and the provisions of Vietnamese law. Specifically:

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

The purpose of collecting customer information is to serve:

  • Order: Proceed to meet your requirements. Support customers with problems they are facing. Xung quanh các dịch vụ mà Wood & Brothers cung cấp.
  • Customer care:including feedback on requests, complaints, warranties, customer comments on the company’s services.
  • Personalized:We have enough data to get an overview of our customers. From there, enough basis to improve service quality when customers
  • Security: This is the basis to help Wood & Brothers prevent dangerous activities. Such as destroying or impersonating customer activities.
  • As required by law: as required by law from time to time. We may collect, store and make available upon request by a competent governmental authority.

2. Scope of use of personal information

We collect customer information when:

  • Customers directly provide Wood & Brothers when customers visit the website: https://woodbro.vn/ and leave information including: name, phone number, email,…
  • Personal information collected will only be used within the company.

3. Information storage time

The user’s personal data is stored until a cancellation is requested from the user. The rest of the user’s personal information will be kept confidential on the server of woodbro.vn.

4. Persons or organizations that may have access to such information:

At Woodbro and with each employee, the personal information of customers that is a company secret is strictly confidential. Woodbro will not buy, sell, share or exchange any personal information with other third parties.

Except for the purposes of using the information as stated. We may disclose or provide in the following cases when it is absolutely necessary:

  • Partners who provide services to us. Involves order fulfillment and is limited to the required information only. As well as always apply regulations to ensure security and confidentiality.
  • Programs that are associated, co-implemented, or outsourced as mentioned in Section 1. And it always applies the requirements of confidentiality of personal information.
  • Legal requirements: We will disclose personal information if required by law. And such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes.


Wood & Brothers with many flexible purchasing methods makes it more convenient for customers to access woodworking machinery products.

1. Buy directly

If you buy directly, please come to the showroom to display the machine at: No. 75, N8 Street, Dong An Quarter, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An, Binh Duong Province.

Note: Before coming, you can contact the hotline 0908 333 757 or follow our working time. 

Working time:

  • 8:30 – 17:30 from Monday to Friday every week
  • 8:30 – 12:00 every Saturday
  • The Sunday is day off
  • Public holidays and Tet will be announced in advance on Wood & Brothers Woodworking Machinery Fanpage

Advantages of buying at the showroom:

  • Opportunity to evaluate the quality of the machine directly.
  • The staff will test the machine for you to see (contact the hotline before coming so that the staff can connect the machine).
  • Showroom displaying European, Chinese, and Taiwanese woodworking machines with various prices for customers to choose.
  • Receive a discount of up to 5% when you purchase on the spot.

2. Indirect purchase

Distant customers with purchase needs can leave your information at the link: https://woodbro.vn/en/contact/

Wood & Brothers’ sales staff will contact you to advise you within 24 hours

In addition, you can buy goods and receive free consultation via fanpage: Woodbro Woodworking Machine or text to zalo number: 0908 333 757 for direct and fastest advice.

Advantages of indirect buying:

  • Distant customers can receive a free consultation via text or phone
  • Staff on duty 24/7 to help customers save time
  • Flexible consulting, sending pictures and videos of the machine for customers to evaluate