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  • 1-head CNC router machines – cheap price
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Product characteristics


Wood & Brothers imports and distributes complete CNC router product lines at affordable prices. Customers who need to contact us immediately contact 0908 333 757 for advice on machine models that are suitable for their finances. In order to create more choices for furniture manufacturing customers in Vietnam, Wood & Brothers imported a new batch of low-cost CNC machines to serve the production of small and new businesses.

Cheap single-head CNC router at Wood & Brothers ensures stable wood processing with high precision. Imported complete units to Vietnam, we are committed to the fastest installation, operation and technology transfer to help you quickly go into production.

Highlights of cheap 1-head CNC router machines at Wood & Brothers

The entire machine is welded with seamless steel to ensure stability during operation. The anti-sagging steel frame ensures accurate workpiece processing and limits vibration.

Taiwan imported 20/25mm linear guide rail, ball screw, self-lubricating sliding block, make each direction force equal, to ensure precision and mechanical durability.

Good compatibility, software, can compatible with type3/Artcam/Jdpaint/Aspire Vectric etc.

With stepper motor or high drive servo motor, with strong cutting shaft can make the carving speed more improved.

With DSP controller or Mach 3 controller read USB flash. Operation is more convenient and easier for the operator.

Technical specifications of 1-head CNC router machine at Wood & Brothers

Model: WB-1SP

– Working area  : 1300 x 2500 x 200 mm

– Spindle motor : 6 kW

– Motor   : Servo

– Inverter   : Fuling

– Drive system  : LeadShine

– Control system  : DSP

– Maximum moving speed: 50m/min

– Maximum working speed: 15m/min

– Accuracy  : ±0.05mm

– Vacuum pump  : 7.5kW

– Table structure: Vacuum

– Guide rail  : 25mm (Hiwin – Taiwan)

– Transmission type   : Reducer

– Capacity   : 12/16/18

– Diameter of suction port: φ150mm

– Air pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa

– Working voltage  : AC380V / 3PH / 50Hz

– Total capacity  : 13.5kW

– Machine size              : 2000 x 3050 x 1600 mm

A few words about Wood & Brothers wooden machines

Regarding the quality of woodworking machines: Wood & Brothers always prioritizes the quality of machinery in every import step. Machines at Wood & Brothers are imported complete units from the manufacturer with a system of mechanical components installed at the factory. the company’s factory. Machines at Wood & Brothers are diverse from design – technology to price. We provide wooden machines imported from Europe (Austria), machines imported from China (for mid-range to professional manufacturing enterprises). worms), cheap woodworking machines (for small, newly opened manufacturing businesses)

Payment & installation service: At Wood & Brothers, we always do our best to serve our customers through a gentle payment policy for customers: installment payment, credit payment, machine purchase loan with Continue to quickly receive the phone immediately. Wood & Brothers is committed to quick machine installation and on-site technology transfer to help you start production immediately.

After-sales service: All procedures before customers receive the machine are enthusiastically supported by Wood & Brothers, so what happens after purchasing the machine? Customers do not have to worry about our after-sales service, our team always aims to serve customers regardless of the situation or circumstance. The technical and sales team regularly visit and take care of old customers to build relationships, most importantly, periodically check machines for customers: adjust errors, check machine components, Review machine performance periodically every quarter.

All customers need is to pick up the phone and call hotline 0908 333 757 to receive advice on technology, machinery, and solutions as quickly as possible. Thereby experience Wood & Brothers’ purchasing service to feel the difference.


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