1-head cnc router WB 1325CC

  • Model: WB-1325CC
  • Working itinerary: X=1300mm;Y=2500mm;Z=200mm
  • 1-head cnc router WB 1325CC
  • Latest Generation SYNTEC Operating System
  • Taiwanese Linear Guide Rails
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In recent years, the market for industrial plywood furniture production has grown, and the lines of machinery supporting production have become increasingly diverse and expensive. CNC machines are among the heavily invested equipment in industrial plywood manufacturing workshops. With the aim of delivering the highest value in production, Wood & Brother introduces the single-head CNC machine with automatic tool change, the WB 1325CC. Let’s learn more about the machine through the article below.

Outstanding features of the single-head CNC machine with automatic tool change WB 1325cc

This machine is designed to meet the demands of high-end production, and therefore, it operates with high capacity, ensuring long-term stability. The machine is capable of continuous production, making it suitable for export-oriented manufacturing workshops to handle large orders within a short period.For customers who require a stable, long-lasting, and precise machine, the WB 1325CC is the most suitable option in the mid-range price category, proudly introduced by Wood & Brothers.

Taiwanese Operating System

The latest generation Syntec-FC control system from Taiwan improves performance, ensuring high-speed signal transmission and maximum precision.The control system from Syntec is one of the stable and popular control systems used in CNC machines today.The user-friendly interface of the control system for the Single-Head CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Change 1325CC is easy to operate, benefiting from continuous and substantial technological investment and innovation.

Main spindle power

The main spindle of the Single-Head CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Change WB 1325CC achieves 9kW power, providing fast processing speed and excellent drilling and cutting performance for natural wood fabrication. Long-lasting stability

Single-head CNC machine with ATC

1325CC CNC machine with 12 tool change positions: ISO 30 standard tool holder, steel (C45) tool clamping material to ensure rigidity, secure tool retention, and stable machining, resulting in precise and accurate product lines. 

Detailed features of the single-head CNC machine with automatic tool change

  • Linear guides and ball screws from the Taiwanese SHAC brand ensure smooth up-and-downmovements. High-quality pen systems make components more robust, with dust-proof seals and automatic lubrication systems to ensure durability and high precision. 
  • The sturdy machine frame with cast iron footpads and large bolts drilled into the floor ensures machine stability, minimizing vibrations during operation, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the machine. The motor and coupling also reduce wear and tear.
  • The machine features an automatic lubrication system for, spindles, lead screws, and gears, ensuring stable and durable movement. In the long run, the guide rails and spindles will maintain stability and high precision.
  • The 1.5kw Servo Leadshine motor and controller from Taiwan provide robust performance and are securely attached to the machine with load-bearing pads, enhancing the machine operation
  • The 7.5kW vacuum table has a large contact surface, divided into 6 separate operating zones for flexible operation depending on the size of the workpiece. Precise drilling, cutting, and milling are ensured even for small workpieces. 
  • Electrical components come from a reputable European brand, Schneider (France). The electrical equipment includes noise-filtering filters to ensure stable machine operation.

Options of the WB 1325cc

– The robust 1325CC Single-Head CNC Machine will not disappoint you throughout the manufacturing process. It processes workpieces quickly, ensuring precise cutting and drilling according to the design

– When investing in the SD-1325CC Single-Head CNC Machine, customers will receive a complimentary dust extraction system with a 5.5kW capacity, including 2 dual bags and 30 meters of copper core dust extraction hoses. Our technical team will complete the installation for you during machine handover.

– The SD-1325CC CNC Machine also offers various automation options to enhance the production process, such as a roller to hold down workpieces to prevent small pieces from flying during operation and an automatic workpiece pusher system.

Technical specifications for the WB 1325CC machine

Workspace dimensionsX=1300mm Y=2500mm Z=200mm
Main spindle powerMain spindle 9kw HQD, ISO 30 tool holder, 12-position tool change
Motor controllerServo Leadshine motor and controller
Control systemTaiwan Syntec FC 60CB control system
ReducerZhuo Lan
Table structureVacuum table
Vacuum pump7.5kw water-cooled air pump
Guide railTaiwan SHAC XZ 25MM Square Rail, Y30mm rail
Rack supportScrew support
InverterDelixi inverter 11kw
Movement processGear-driven X, Y, Ball screw Z axis
Pneumatic positioning cylinderYES, with push function
Oil systemAutomatic oil pump system
Main spindle speed18000RMP
Maximum movement speed60m/min
Maximum working speed35m/min
Voltage380V 50Hz, 3Phase

The single-head CNC machine with automatic tool change WB 1325 cc is a machine suitable for both mid-range and high-end market segments, catering to all your production needs. The machine is imported completely-built-up, ensuring stable quality, which Wood & Brothers always guarantee to our customers. Currently, our warehouse at W&B always has a variety of high-quality woodworking machines imported from Europe, Taiwan, and China to meet the specific needs of each customer. For consultation and detailed machine viewing, please contact our hotline: (+84)908 333 757.


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