4 axis 3D CNC engraving machine

  • Model: WB-4S-3D
  • 4 axis 3D CNC engraving machine
  • Table size: 1300 x 2500mm
  • Z axis height: 200mm
  • HOT price machine – financial support when purchasing
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Product characteristics


With the specialized needs in wood production in Vietnam, each processing step requires a suitable machine to meet the needs of wood production at each stage. Wood & Brothers understands that customers need a unit that provides a variety of wooden machines, is professional and has good after-sales service. Therefore, Wood & Brothers constantly researches and imports a variety of woodworking machinery to serve customers.

The 4-axis 3D CNC engraving machine at Wood & Brothers meets the criteria for diverse manufacturing at low prices. With the “HOT” price of this 4-axis 3D CNC engraving machine, every customer can own it.

Outstanding technical characteristics of cheap 4-axis 3D CNC machines

Water cooled spindle: 4 axis 3D CNC engraving machine can equip 4-10 spindles, this WB-4S-3D machine is equipped with 3kw*4 spindle. Water cooled spindle is more suitable for engraving in long time and has faster spindle speed.

The machine table and rotary shaft can engrave three-dimensional products, and the mechanical parts coordinate smoothly to help process workpieces quickly and effectively.

The machine is equipped with guide rails imported from Taiwan with a square design and uses a grinding rack to ensure the machine operates accurately for maximum moving speed.

Leadshine 860 high-speed stepper motor and drive, quality motor ensures the machine works well. Leadshine drive system helps the machine have better performance. In addition, you can choose Servo motors depending on your production needs.

Functions of 4-axis 3D CNC engraving machine

For the wood furniture industry:  4-axis 3D engraving machine is capable of manufacturing corrugated panels, intricate patterns, antique furniture, wooden doors, screens, manual sliding doors, composite gates, cabinet doors, interior doors, legs sofa, bedside, etc.

For the advertising industry: The machine is capable of recognizing advertisements, making signs, engraving and cutting acrylic, creating crystal letters, blaster casting and producing other advertising material derivative products.

Mold industry: The machine makes sculptures in bronze, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic panels, PVC pipes, wooden boards and non-metallic molds. other metals.

Relief sculpture and 3D engraving.


– Table size: 1300 x 2500mm

– Z axis height: 200mm

– Working table: Aluminum table

– Main shaft capacity: 3kw x 4

– Inverter: 3.5kw

– Length of recording device: 1.5m

– Diameter of rotating device: 200mm

– Knife clamp type: ER20

– Spindle speed: 0-24000 rpm

– Maximum no-load speed: 30000mm/min

– Sliding rail: 20mm (Taiwan)

– Driver: Leadshine 860w

– Working speed: 0-15m/min

Proud highlights of the Wood & Brothers team

Woodworking machine products: Wood & Brothers always prioritizes diversity and convenience for customers with investment needs. Popular machine models are always stocked by Wood & Brothers to meet production needs. urgently for you. In addition, if customers need to buy special machines imported from Europe, Wood & Brothers is confident to meet them as a distribution partner of woodworking machines from Austria. Retail customers who are new to investing with limited finances, please don’t worry! Wood & Brothers has mid-range to low-cost models. We are committed to every customer segment with diverse needs. Wood & Brothers tries to meet and serve our best.

Service: The Wood & Brothers team is proud to receive training and professional development each year to better serve customers throughout the sales process. Aiming for service quality throughout the process of customers using wood machines at Wood & Brothers, we take dedicated care of each machine sold to you. The machine will be checked for configuration, functions, and errors periodically, ensuring the long life of the machine. Thereby also ensuring that production output for customers is always at a stable level.

Coming to Wood & Brothers, we commit that you will enjoy dedicated, transparent service and the most guaranteed quality. Customers who need investment advice should immediately contact 0908 333 757 for the fastest and most detailed advice.


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