5-Function edge banding machine

  • Model: MFB 368
  • 5-function edge banding machine
  • Manufacturing: China
  • Quality meeting export standards
  • Available stock
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Product characteristics


The MFB368 5-function edge banding machine at Wood & Brothers is a popular line of wood edge banding machines, suitable for most industrial wood furniture factories on the market. With 5 basic functions: Gluing, glue rolling for thread pressing, end cutting, top and bottom milling, glue scraping, and polishing are enough to replace 2 workers in the process of edge banding and save considerably time.

Highlights of the MFB368 5-function edge banding machine

  • The MFB368 5-function edge banding machine is equipped with an error alarm device, so it will automatically cut off the power when an error occurs, ensuring safety during operation. The timely fault detection function will help control errors easily, conduct timely error checking, and repair quickly to ensure long-term production companion.
  • High-end electrical systems from reputable brands: Siemen, Schneider, Airtac, Delta…
  • The machine operates stably and glues only veneer
  • MFB368 5-function edge banding machine is integrated with soundproof device, good dust control, overload prevention, electric workpiece size adjustment.

The machine’s applicability is diverse, suitable for cabinet furniture workshops, kitchen shelves, office tables and chairs, etc. The 5-function edge banding machine MFB368 can glue all kinds of MDF, wood planks, planks, … with a compact design and MFB368 manufacturing stability, so it has been the best-selling machine at Wood & Brothers in recent years.

The price of MFB368 5-function edge banding machine is suitable for all small and medium furniture workshops, with its stable quality and capacity ensuring continuous and durable production. The machine is imported as CBU at a relatively low cost, ensuring components are assembled at the factory. Wood & Brothers is committed to absolute quality for each wood machine delivered to customers.

5-function edge banding machine at Wood & Brothers

Function of MFB368 wood edge banding machine

The MFB368 automatic edge banding machine includes 5 functions to absolutely meet the needs of the basic – professional furniture factory.

  • Automatic glue rolling, thread banding, thread trimming: The glue roller unit has only 4 cylindrical rollers, ensuring the homogeneous pressure and right amount of glue, which will help the edge of the board to be flat and nice. The MFB368 5-function edge banding machine is fully automatic in the process of glue rolling, thread banding and cutting, which will help the edge banding process save labor and shorten working time.
  • End cutter: High-precision end cutters, Taiwan-made guide rail ensure two cutter heads move flexibly and cutting accurately.  
  • 2 edge rough milling: The 2-sided rough milling unit will handle the excess thread for the first time on both sides of the board.   
  • Two-sided fine milling: The 2-sided fine milling unit will ensure that the 2 edges of the board are smoother, handling the excess thread for the second time to avoid the uneven thread line.
  • Excess glue scraper: The excess glue scraper will remove the excess glue on both sides of the board to ensure the most complete product
  • Polish: Polishers with high-quality rotating shaft and stable power help to remove dust and excess glue on the surface of the board.
MFB368 edge banding machine is suitable for all workshop models

Specifications of MFB368 5-function edge banding machine

The 5-function edge banding machine has a simple and easy-to-use central control panel to help users operate quickly and easily. System of electrical components from famous brands: Delta PLC, Siemens, etc. Manufacturing technology is researched by the manufacturer so that it is suitable for most furniture factories in Vietnam. The quality of the machine is guaranteed to be exported to Europe.

Working size:

– Thickness of glue thread : 0.4-3 mm

– Workpiece height: 10-60 mm

– Minimum workpiece width: 50 mm

– Minimum workpiece length: 120 mm

– Conveyor speed: 13-20-23 m/min

General specifications:

– Voltage 3×380 V, 50 Hz

– Working pressure: 0.6 MPA

– Total capacity : 6 Kw

– Dimension: 4000 x 950 x 1580

Wood & Brothers ensures the distribution of woodworking machines at competitive prices, committing to quality commensurate with price. 12-month machines, components warranty, 3-month regular maintenance service. With over ten years of experience in the mechanical engineering profession, the technical team is well-trained in professional skills. Contact 0908 333 757 now for the fastest machine consulting.



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