6-sided drilling machine

  • Model: SD-VI-12
  • 6-sided drilling machine
  • Maximum working width: 30 mm
  • Drive system: Leadshine
  • Number of top horizontal drill bits: Left right 2 + front and back 2
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Product characteristics


The furniture manufacturing market in Vietnam is highly adaptable, with modern consumers demanding high quality in each furniture product. The technology for assembling wooden pieces together requires drilling connection holes, and as a result, drilling machines have been continuously evolving, notably the 6-sided CNC drilling machines. They have the capability to drill and bore holes on all six sides of wooden panels in a single operation, saving furniture workshops a significant amount of time and effort. At Wood & Brothers, the 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12 is designed to meet flexible drilling needs while operating with stability and high capacity. Join Wood & Brothers to learn more about the features of the 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12.

Outstanding features of the 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12

The 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12 features two drilling centers, one on the top and one on the bottom. It is primarily used for drilling, multi-surface grooving, and cutting wood using a CNC center. The 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12 can complete all the upper and lower surfaces of the wood, drilling 4 holes in the process, and it also has the capability to process special shapes and create grooves on both sides.

  • No need to flip the wood; after inputting the data, the machine can automatically process it. The machine reads barcodes and carries out the processing according to the input procedure.
  • The upper and lower spindles can simultaneously process symmetrical slots on two sides of the wood smoothly.
  • The system and servo will maximize positioning speed and response time by utilizing the same CAM.
  • The time guiding rail ensures precision and fully utilizes the servo’s capabilities.
  • Data connection, formats like .ban, .xml, .dxf, .mpr, etc.
  • KHQD drill, side clamping wheel, vertical clamping, lower clamping: three methods for securing the workpiece.

Specifications of the he 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12

– Maximum working width1200mm
– Minimum working width30mm
– Shortest working length200 mm
– Fastest processing speed (m/min)X/U130、Y/V70、Z/W30
– Number of motion axes7
– Number of drillsAbove 1 + Under 1
– Control system & CAMHigerman
– Drive systemLeadshine
– Number of top horizontal drill bitsLeft right 2 + front and back 2
– Number of top vertical drill bits9
– Number of bottom vertical drill bits6
– Number of top spindles1 x 3.5KW
– Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
– Total capacity16KW
– Working voltageAC380V/3PH/50Hz
– Diameter of suction port φ150mm
– Machine dimensions (Length × Width × Height mm) 5000×2580×2000

The 6-Side Drilling Machine SD-VI-12 can meet a variety of drilling, milling, cutting, and grooving requirements. Its ability to work flexibly and automatically with high capacity ensures stable production output for manufacturing workshops. The machine is imported fully assembled by Wood & Brothers, so you don’t need to worry about its technology or quality. It operates stably for the long term, with 100% of the machine’s functional system being assembled in the manufacturing workshop, ensuring technology from abroad. Contact us now at 0908 333 757 for the most detailed price quote and consultation.


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