C-Express 920 classic center CNC drilling machine

  • Model: C-Express 920 classic
  • C-Express 920 classic center CNC drilling machine
  • Compact CNC machining in just 3.4 m²
  • High-precision 17-spindle drilling head for maximum versatility
  • Meet high-end requirements in production
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Product characteristics


C-express 920 Classic center CNC drilling machine with its classic design efficiently performs all simple drilling and milling jobs. All operations on the central CNC drilling machine from Format 4 are extremely accurate, reaching a record time. The constant technological development at Felder ensures outstanding CNC machine productivity at an affordable investment. Wood & Brothers is proud to represent Felder in distributing European, high-tech woodworking machines in Vietnam.

Some highlights of the C-express 920 Classic center CNC drilling machine

  • Design of C-express 920 classic center CNC drilling machine is compact, all operations in just 3.4 m²
  • 17-axis drilling head for maximum versatility, fast and precise processing
  • Horizontal processing of workpiece ensures fixed zero point processing
  • Simple programming without taking into account the thickness of the workpiece
  • The grooving sawing components are standards for handling back panels or joints
  • State-of-the-art laser positioning technology ensures the highest accuracy

Researched and developed with the aim of targeting small-scale workshops with multi-purpose needs, the C-express 920 classic center CNC drilling machine has a wide range of applications in production. Format 4 has developed a series of machines that serve most of the high-end requirements of a furniture workshop, creating incredible productivity.

The program of the C-express 920 classic center CNC drilling machine was developed to optimize the operation; therefore, with just one touch, the manufacturing stages will automatically repeat. This ensures that the CNC control cabinet is a profitable design, both for maximum production and saving workshop space.

Specification of the C-express 920 Classic center CNC drilling machine

Router head and CNC drill: The C-express 920 is equipped with the DH17 8H 1S drilling head as standard. Consists of 9 vertical spindles, 8 horizontal spindles, 1 slotted blade on the X axis.

Main spindles: One of the specification options on the machine is milling. The tool is clamped with the ER32 chuck. Tool change is done manually. This unit is used to route cuts, routers, slits, etc.

Shaping Milling: The milling unit can be used for 3-sided cutting as well as for milling forms in the workpiece. The workpiece must be placed at right angles to the machine.

C-express 920 Classic center CNC drilling machine workpieces transport: The horizontally designed conveying system ensures smooth conveying. Precise positioning of workpieces weighing up to 30 kg, allowing underside processing thanks to the machine’s axes. The superior design of the conveying system prevents the workpiece from moving and reduces the waste of the workpiece during operation. The fence is positioned on the side allowing the width of the workpiece to be set to any value up to 920 mm.

Workspace dimensions

Smallest working area

X= 280 mm
Y= 180-70 mm
Z= 10 mm

Largest working area

X= 3000 mm
Y= 920 mm
Z= 50 mm

Workpiece widths from 70–180mm, machine upgrades facilitate narrow workpiece handling, allowing precise processing of workpieces with widths from 70–180 mm.

The pressure roller device helps to keep the workpiece flexible according to the size in case thin or thick workpieces respond well

Measurement technology: The use of the most modern measuring technology ensures accurate measurements of dimensions. A laser and encoder measuring system is used to measure the exact length of the workpiece. This is especially important when it comes to cabinet machined connections, ensuring that there are no protrusions between the panels.

Additional vertical clamps: An ideal unit for handling longer workpieces.

Simple programming and operation: Format 4’s controls have been specially developed for woodworking machines for drilling, milling and sawing. Machine operation is performed using a graphical user interface (showing a self-explanatory diagram). The programming software “Woodflash” allows for quick and easy programming of the workpiece. 19″ color LCD screen, clearly and simply shows all the processes performed on the workpiece. As an option, the machine can be connected to the cabinet programming – “Flash 3D” software, which ensures proper processing of customer orders.

Pressure setting of clamp: for optimal results even when handling sensitive surfaces! Maximum adjustable pressure up to 100 kg.

Hand-held terminals with free positions: The working process is simplified as the handheld terminal can be controlled on demand.

Unloading from the back: This function allows the operator to program the machine to feed the workpiece to the rear when finished. This system allows the c-express 920 classic to be used in the production line. Selecting the unloading direction is easy to do with just one switch.

C-express 920 Classic center CNC drilling machine meets the high-end needs of customers. Simple operation and diverse functions help the furniture factory save a lot of labor costs and time. The production process becomes professional when investing in the C-express 920 classic center CNC drilling machine. Contact 0908 333 757 now for the most detailed and fastest advice.

Your decision for Felder – a risk-free option

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  • Complete reliability in professional use
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  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


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