SH-32 / SH-32II / SH-AL CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine

  • Model: SH-32 / SH-32II / SH-AL
  • CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine
  • Two spindles and one saw shaft
  • Invisible connections can be completed
  • The CNC horizontal drilling machine has 3 modes: laser drill, bar code drill, dowel drill.
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The CNC horizontal drilling machine is one of the machines that has been invested in by many factories over the last three years to help optimize the industrial board production process. In all designs, the CNC horizontal drilling machine meets a variety of plank drilling stages. Furthermore, the machine can run long mortise grooves, drill pins, drill cam screws, and so on with exceptional performance. Wood & Brothers distributes three lines of CNC horizontal drilling machines, each with three additional functions, in order to meet all customer demands.

Application of CNC horizontal drilling machine in production

Even though the CNC horizontal drilling machine has a compact design, it satisfies the hole drilling requirements of a furniture factory. Wood & Brothers has three series of CNC horizontal drilling machines to meet the diverse production requirements of Vietnamese furniture workshop. For factories that produce design goods, continuous production is essential; therefore, the purchase of machines with multiple functions and a large capacity is essential.

Such models as SH-32, SH-32II, and SH-AL Wood & Brothers will recommend the machine series that corresponds with each advanced function of the machine, based on the budget and manufacturing process of each workshop. The functions of the CNC horizontal drilling machine are as follows:

  • Cam Lock Screw Drill
  • Dowel Drill
  • Slotting
  • Long groove routing
  • Surface milling
  • The CNC horizontal drilling machine has 3 modes: laser drill, bar code drill, bolt selection drill.

Wide range of applications in the production of panel furniture, wooden furniture for the whole house, plastic doors, furniture, doors and windows. The machine can drill linkage cam screws, bolts, distance holes, mortises, long mortise grooves, U-pins, and mortises. The CNC horizontal drilling machine will be an effective aid to the workshop owner in shortening the production process, increasing productivity, and reducing labor costs. 

3 outstanding CNC horizontal drilling machines SH-32 | SH-32II | SH-32II Z

The CNC horizontal drilling machine SH-32 ensures a high capacity for drilling boards, and the factory’s investment in CNC horizontal drilling machines reduces labor expenses. The machine’s laser positioning system guarantees millimeter-precise drilling results, thereby increasing production output in a short amount of time. Utilize the pneumatic clamping system, which is safe and precise throughout the production process, to process heavy workpieces with ease. The CNC horizontal drilling machine SH-32 is an entry-level machine suitable for small to medium-sized interior workshops.

Wood & Brothers understands the concerns of small factory owners, so our team creates the conditions necessary to support your payment methods. To provide Vietnam’s furniture industry with the most efficient technological process possible.

The SH-32II CNC drilling machine is an upgraded drilling machine with 2 integrated drill heads, helping to increase productivity. The machine has two large drill heads that are cooled by air. Wood & Brothers is dedicated to transferring quality and standard technology to its customers. The drilling machine components system ensures export standards and machine longevity.

CNC drilling machine SH-32II Z is an upgraded machine that is superior to the other 2 machines. The machine with two powerful drill axes and an integrated saw shaft satisfies multiple production requirements. SH-32II Z is a multifunctional machine among CNC horizontal drilling machines on the market with two spindles and one saw shaft. The machine can arbitrarily switch between components: single, double and triple. Traditional three-in-one, two-in-one wood tenon bonding processing is supported by the installed laser scanning function.

Specification of SH-32 | SH-32II | SH-32II ZCNC horizontal drilling machine

The wood CNC horizontal drilling machine at Wood & Brothers owns a stepper motor with high capacity, ensuring outstanding work progress. During the machining process, a pneumatic clamping system secures the workpiece in place.

The combination of the CNC laser horizontal drilling machine and the CNC machine will optimize the production stage and duration of individual items. The CNC horizontal drilling machine automatically identifies the drilled hole, so the worker does not need to change the stopper or re-adjust the size thanks to the bar code stamp set, and the laser locates the previously drilled holes on the surface. Specifications

  • Maximum working length: 2800 mm.
  • Minimum workpiece width: 80 mm
  • Workpiece height: 12-150 mm.
  • Servo motor and controller: Servo motor 750w Dorna.
  • Spindle power: 2,2 kW x 2 HQD , 2.2 kW x 2 HQD , air cooled.
  • Slide rail :SHAC 20MM (TAIWAN).
  • Sensor : USA BANER sensor.
  • Working spindle speed :0-18000rpm.
  • Max spindle speed :24000rpm.
  • Inverter: Delixi inverter.
Model SH-32 SH-32II SH-AL
Max workpiece length 2800mm 2800mm 2800mm
Material height 80mm 80mm 80mm
Number of shafts 2 2 3
Transmission type Reducer Reducer Reducer
Working speed 35mm/min 35mm/min 35mm/min
Spindle power 2.2KW 2.2KW*2 2.2KW*2、2.2KW (saw blade)
Speed AC220V/50HZ AC220V/50HZ AC380V/3PH/50Hz
Control system MiG MiG MiG

The CNC horizontal drilling machine at Wood & Brothers is part of a series of drilling machines with new technology that have been imported entirely to meet the demanding needs of customers. Wood & Brothers is dedicated to ensuring stable operation and long life through the use of a monolithic design with load-carrying capacity. The machine is assembled directly at the company to ensure standard component configuration. Contact now at 0908 333 757 for the most detailed and professional consultation.


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