CNC machine center 2 heads 2 tables

  • Model: LH-53802-B2 1600×2400
  • CNC machine center 2 heads 2 tables
  • Ability to manufacture with large capacity, doubled
  • Application: manufacturing cabinet doors, solid wood doors, tables,…
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Product characteristics


For large factories with stable orders and allowable investment, Wood & Brothers would like to introduce to you a central CNC machine with 2 heads and 2 tables. The machine is capable of manufacturing with large capacity, double that of conventional CNC machines and can meet continuous output when making many orders with different designs. Join Wood & Brothers to learn about the parameters of this machine through the article below.

Features and applicability of CNC machine center with 2 heads and 2 tables

– CNC machine center with 2 heads and 2 tables is suitable for processing complex parts of many types of products. The machine’s two-table design helps increase capacity and significantly increase manufacturing capabilities.
– Applications: manufacturing cabinet doors, solid wood doors, computer desks and panel furniture.
– Table size can be customized according to customer needs.
– Investing in a central CNC machine with 2 heads and 2 tables helps significantly reduce labor costs and double output.

With a double desk, customers can work on 1 program on 2 different desks or work on 2 independent programs on 2 desks. Maximum applicability helps optimize processes, time and effort for your wood factory.

Technical specifications of CNC machine center with 2 heads and 2 tables

– Working table size: 2400 x 1600 mm

– Maximum working height: 400 mm

– X-axis travel: 4820 mm

– X-axis servo motor: 3 kw

– Y axis travel: 1700 mm

– Y axis servo motor: 3 kw

– Z axis travel: 400 mm

– Z axis servo motor: 3 kw

– X axis speed: 80 m/min

– Y axis speed: 80 m/min

– Z axis speed: 20 m/min

– X,Y axis rail size: 45 mm

– Z-axis rail size: Ø50 mm (twisted rail)

– Distance between 2 axes: 900 – 2400 mm

– Knife tray: 8 sockets x 2

– Axle capacity: 9 kw (Italy HSD) x 2

– Shaft speed: 1000 – 24000 rpm

– Vacuum capacity: 7.4 hp (Eurovac) x 2

– Operating system: Syntec (Taiwan – highest version)

– Drill head assembly: 9 bits, L shape + 2 saw blades

– Machine size: 6120 x 3120 x 2320 mm

– Origin: Taiwan

Why should you choose a 2-head 2-table CNC center at Wood & Brothers?

Machine quality: CNC machine with 2 heads and 2 tables is imported from Taiwan by Wood & Brothers. Machines from Taiwan have special manufacturing technology that makes each machine produced very durable. and stable during operation. The machine has the latest generation SYNTEC  operating system for fast data conversion speed. The machine’s capacity is large, long-term use still ensures the required output and product quality.

Service at Wood & Brothers: We provide machines with priority on quality, followed by a suitable price so that each customer who needs to contact them feels satisfied. Wood & Brothers’ sales – payment – after-sales services all have transparent processes, giving customers a sense of peace of mind when choosing us as a supplier. As a distributor of woodworking machines in the market for more than 6 years, Wood & Brothers is always proud to constantly hone its professional skills to serve customers every step of the way.

For customers to have a clearer picture of the quality of our wood machines and services, please contact 0908 333 757 for the fastest consultation. In order to create conditions for customers to experience good quality products, Wood & Brothers imports many lines of wood machines for popular applications such as edge banding machines, CNC machines, sliding table saws, sanding machines, planers, etc. . to serve customers to experience at the showroom No. 75, Street N8, Dong An Quarter, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong.


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