CNC Router LH-481-SA

  • Model: LH-481-SA
  • CNC Router LH-481-SA
  • Workbench size: 1250 x 2470 mm
  • Control system: Intek or Syntech (Hightest)
  • 2.5D ART/CAM/CAD software
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Product characteristics


Current CNC machine series on the market are diverse in design and function, the requirements on 1 machine can meet many production stages. The LH-481-SA CNC router machine is also known by another endearing name – the “all in one” CNC, used for cutting, drilling, milling… with 1 ATC, 9-position vertical drill bank, and endless C-axis rotation.

Why say the LH-481-SA CNC router is an ultra machine series?

  • Spindle: air-cooled, of Italian origin, with high power up to 9kW and the capacity for 12 ATCs. The spindle fulfills various functions, thereby capable of producing diverse customized designs. The 12 ATCs will help shorten the production process, cutting labor costs for its monitoring.
  • ATC is a tool clamp which greatly boosts the CNC machine’s efficiency during operation. The ATC actively selects the tool according to the pre-programmed design, ensuring stable operation and tool selection accurate to the settings.
  • The workbench of the load-bearing machine can customize the working area according to the workpiece size.
  • Intuitive control system, integrated with a number of optional interfaces tailored to customer’s needs
  • Vacuum system with a high power level of 7.5 HP
  • Helical gear rack, X-axis rack-and-pinion mechanism and Y, Z-axes lead screw.
  • The LH-481-SA CNC router machine has an automatic positioning system, ensuring precision and shortening the production process
  • The machine has an automatic oil pump system for spindles and rails to ensure smooth and quiet operation of the spindles and pinions. The automatic oil pump system helps limit friction when the spindles move continuously at high power, mitigating rail wear after long periods of use. 
  • The LH-481-SA CNC router machine has options for automated production such as rollers to prevent workpiece from flying off when operating small parts and automatic push-pull system

LH-481-SA CNC router machine Techical specifications

Model LH-481-SA
Workbench Dimensions 1250 x 2470 mm
Maximum working space 1250 x 2470 mm
Maximum working height 250 mm
X-Axis stroke (Motor servos) 2470 mm (1.5 kw)
Y-Axis stroke (Motor servos) 1250 mm (1 kw + speed reducer)
Z-Axis stroke (Motor servos) 250 mm ( 1 kw)
X & Y & Z Axes speed 55 & 55 & 20 mpm
Spindle speed 1000 – 20000 rpm
Collet ISO#30: 4 pieces
Tool tray 8 blades
ER-32 Collet specifications Ø12: 2 pieces, Ø16:2 
Spindle power HSD 9 kw x 1
Vacuum areas 4 vùng
Vacuum suction power 7.5 hp
Control system Intek hoặc Syntech 
Software 2.5D ART/CAM/CAD

LH-481-SA CNC router machine is a multi-function CNC machine series and can be utilized in the production of furniture, i.e., doors, tables, chairs, etc. This is a high-end series in the collection of CNC machines from Taiwan by Wood & Brothers. CNC machine manufacturing technology from Taiwan always meets the demanding requirements of every wooden furniture workshop. With a large capacity and high productivity, the LH-481-SA CNC router will prove suitable for workshops manufacturing goods that require diverse designs.   

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