D-JET Automatic latching CNC drilling machine

  • Model: D-JET
  • Advanced D-JET Automatic Latching CNC Drilling Machine
  • Intuitive controls
  • F4Integrate – Pioneering CNC software
  • Imported CBU from Europe (Austria)
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Product characteristics


Format 4’s automatic latching CNC drilling machine is the ideal machine to take the cabinet manufacturing process to the next level. The D-Jet is the perfect solution for industrial cabinet making as a complement to CNC nesting machines, as well as a stand-alone solution for skilled craftsmen. The unique design of the machine combined with the closed manufacturing technology from Felder has created a premium for this machine.

Outstanding features of Felder automatic latching CNC drilling machine

It stands out for its space-saving design with a small footprint of only 3.5 m² as well as its outstanding price-to-performance ratio. Maximum efficiency through zero setup time: time consuming console or vacuum block positioning is completely eliminated.

The large 24” touch screen control ensures absolute user friendliness. The control screen interface is intuitive, the function structure is clear, easy for the operator to memorize. Programs are displayed with icons, scientific layout of commands for quick and accurate operation with just one touch.

Drilling head DH6, automatic latching CNC drilling machine is equipped with a standard drilling head with the following features: 3 vertical drilling axes, 3 horizontal drilling axes, 1 X-axis slotting saw.

Up to 2 or 4 optional work areas are designed in the form of a pendulum to facilitate smooth, efficient movement. The machine easily processes small or large workpieces up to 2800mm thanks to the option of the working area. The machine has no limit on the working area as it can process workpieces with a minimum length/width of 20mm and a height of 10mm. The machine is suitable for processing large workpieces with a length/width of 1400mm – 2800mm and a height of 80mm.

The workbench extends the purpose of handling large slabs with heavy loads, the workbench supports and supports the workpiece, facilitating stable workpiece holding during machining. The phenolic resin support table supports placing the workpiece on a flat surface, thereby protecting the workpiece surface during operation

The automatic oiling system applies the guide rails of the X, Y and Z axes; in addition, the Y and Y bearings are also periodically lubricated. The automatic oiling unit helps the rails to move smoothly after a long time of use, which is set according to the productivity of the workshop.

X, Y, Z axis linear guides positioning is accomplished by cyclic ball bearings running along hardened and polished linear guides. The X-axis is positioned through the rack and pinion. The Y and Z axes are positioned by a polished cyclic ball rotating shaft.

Y-axis latching unit: Fasteners and glue are added fully automatically. The pin length can be adjusted quickly and without tools. Glue management software is precisely tailored to your needs. Pins with a length of 20 to 40 mm can be used. In the standard version, the pins have a diameter of 8mm, optionally the pins can be changed to a diameter of 5, 6 or 10mm.

Handling “Lamello Clamex P”, D-Jet allows perfect handling of “Lamello Clamex P” connectors. With the additional Lamello handle, Clamex bags can be inserted both on the front and top.

Perfect “OVVO / Lockdowel” processing with Format 4 D-Jet, additional Lockdowel processing unit, milling grooves for connectors can be made both on the surface and on the top surface.

Workpiece clamp: Four workpiece clamps (6 optional clamps available) ensure a secure hold of the workpiece during operation. The ability to handle drilling heads accurately and stably.

The unique LightPos system enables quick and accurate positioning of workpiece clamps in a short time. 500 individually controlled LED points per meter indicate the position of the clamps with millimeter accuracy. The lightPos system is clearly laid out for easy operation, allowing the current status of the machine to be displayed during the machining process.

F4 Integrate – Pioneering CNC software: For the most demanding needs, including all functions, the programming software and control panel are designed with an extremely intuitive interface for easy step-by-step operation.F4®Integrate is software developed by Format4®. It has been researched and developed based on practical customer experiences, through collaboration with customers. Format 4® has optimized all the shortcomings of a typical CNC machine.

Enjoy the comfort of a modern, easy-to-use interface. The toolkit (F4 Toolbox), programming section (CAM area with integrated CAD area, F4 Create) and machine operation control (F4 Operate), all encapsulated in a single screen with an interface Consistent and intuitive user experience.

F4®Integrate meets the highest demands in modern CNC machining. F4 Integrate is based on G-Code, making it easy to connect and operate with other CNC programs, ensuring stability.

Control foot switch of automatic latching CNC drilling machine: The front of the machine has a foot switch integrated into the chassis, along the entire length of the work area. This eliminates finding or moving the foot pedal during workpiece positioning. Simple structure integrated into the design of the machine.

The benefits of using an automatic latching CNC drilling machine

  • Intuitive controls
  • Flexibility in coupling selection
  • Drilling head with three horizontal and three vertical axes with a slotted saw blade
  • Up to four workpieces can be processed simultaneously
  • Automatic latch insertion by large size oscillating feeder
  • Small installation size due to space-saving design

Your decision for Felder – a risk-free option

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience – already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


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