Felder G500 EX Edgebander

  • Model: G500 EX
  • Felder G500 EX Edgebander
  • Feeding speed: 14.5 m/min for maximum productivity
  • Teflon-coated pot with capacity: 4kg
  • Origin: Europe – Austria
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Technical specifications


The redesign of FELDER G 500 EX in the Felder edge banding machine category aims to “maximum productivity – enhancing user friendliness”. Felder G500 EX Edge banding machine is a compact, load-bearing, and modern designed for for customers who produce specialized furniture, serving as a distinct design for customers from the Felder brand. 

Attractive new design – special price

Felder G500 EX edge banding machine for special needs

The control panel is simple and logically arranged, designed on the new control panel to simplify operations.

Impressive machine specifications of the machine:

  • Teflon-coated glue pot with capacity of 4kg is capable of adhesive  bonding 1000m/glue pot… Cutting, gluing, corner rounding, radius cutting or bevel trimming of ABS or rigid PVC up to an edge thickness of 3 mm – the machine comes with multiple optional finishing parts according to production needs. 
  • Design of load-bearing bar feeder with chains and stable moving roller, without scratching on the workpiece surface, meeting the production of high-quality materials, workpiece feeding speed 14.5 m/min for maximum productivity.
Felder G500 EX with impressive new design

Functions of Felder G500EX edge banding machine

  • The edge material is pressed straight, the pressing position accurately onto the workpiece surface by the first large roller, electrically operated. The two secondary rollers provide additional pressure, resulting in a perfectly even joint between the thread and the workpiece.
  • The end trimming unit consists of two independent sawing components with high-frequency motors (12,000 RPM). Linear guides ensure highest precision and the lowest maintenance cost. The end trimming units can be individually tilted from 0°-10°.
  • Excess glue scraper: Eliminate the excess glue, just the excess on the edge of the board, reducing a manual process, saving time and labor costs.
  • Buffing unit: this is one of the optional parts of the machine. Depending on the production needs, the workshop owner will choose for buffing or spraying solution, etc.
Felder G500 EX edge banding machine has a good load-bearing capacity

Why choose wooden machines at Wood & Brothers?

Wood & Brothers is the official distributor of woodworking machines from Felder (Austria) and a partner of several major companies in Taiwan and China. With the aim of providing the most advanced solutions for the domestic woodworking industry, we continuously explore technologies and bring in high-quality woodworking machines capable of meeting the requirements regardless of factory scales and automation levels as demanded by our customers.

Wood & Brothers is committed to delivering the best solutions for customers

Over the past 5 years, Wood & Brothers has built a team of engineers with extensive practical experience and annual professional training abroad. The business and engineering teams at Wood & Brothers are always ready to provide the most advanced solutions during consultation and installation for customers’ workshops.

In addition to European machinery lines, Wood & Brothers also offers woodworking machinery lines from Taiwan and China based on customer demand.

Wood & Brothers continuously improves technology and constantly tries to satisfy customer needs, with the motto:

“Responsible – Professional – Effective”



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