Felder K540S sliding table saw

  • Model: K540S
  • Felder K540s sliding table saw
  • Saw shaft tilting system has a 6-year warranty
  • Linear guide system with 10 year warranty
  • Main saw blade diameter is from 250- 400 mm
  • Saw blade speed 4000 rpm
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Product characteristics


Felder K540s sliding table saw, with its outstanding development in performance and cutting height up to 140mm, Felder K540s has proven its position in a professional production line. The saw unit and blade height help the Felder K540s sliding table saw cut a variety of materials with great thickness. The ability to combine saw blades of different sizes helps increase the value of the Felder K540s sliding table saw.

Outstanding features of the Felder K540s sliding table saw

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Electronically balanced circular saw shaft with dual bearing system is powered through a Poly-V belt. This combined results in almost 100 % force transmission to the saw blade. The saw shaft diameter on the machine according to European standard size is 30 mm (1.18″). We offer this saw shaft size to increase stability when making larger cuts and also safer for users when especially using dado tools, US standard shaft size is 16mm (5/ 8″). This is roughly half the diameter of the shaft and is intended for lighter machinery with small tools. European 30mm diameter tooling is available to a variety of suppliers throughout the United States, and existing tooling can also be resized to fit our machines.

The advanced circular saw unit with the patented “Easy-Glide” inclined section impresses with a cutting height of 140 mm when using a Ø 400 mm saw blade. The electric scoring unit for saw blades with diameter 120 mm can be used in combination with saw blades Ø 350 mm.

The cross-cut fence is 51” (1300 mm) for cross-cuts between +45° and –45°. The fence can be attached to the sliding table without the use of tools. Positive stop gives you precise 90° position. The bevel scale with hairline indicator is visible from the operating area, thus allowing an accurate reading of the required hairline value. Large cross-cut fence posts are constructed so that a small tongue on the stop fits perfectly into the machined groove in the fence. This keeps the stop securely in position for both straight and beveled cuts.

The continuously evolving X-roll linear guide system from Felder has been wowing woodworkers since 1990. High-quality “X-Roll” linear guide technology comes with a warranty 10 years of Felder and delivers incredible smooth running and is completely maintenance-free. The “x” design of the bearing positions ensures that they move smoothly along rigid guides.

The bevel scale with the cross-cut indicator is visible from the operating area and thus allows an accurate reading of the required cross-cut value.

One-hand adjustment system ensures quick and precise tear fence setting. Standard rip capacity is 31” (800 mm) or optional 49” (1250 mm). The easy-to-read rip scale is perfectly integrated into the saw table. The aluminum fence can be extruded towards the rear to optimize billet feed. Optional parallel cut fence adjustment.

máy cưa bàn trượt felder K540s

The Felder 500 Series saw assembly is fully compatible with dado tools. Thanks to the removable table spacer and sidewall, it is possible to use the specialized Felder dado tool.

The pneumatic workpiece holder easily clamps the workpiece with maximum flexibility, can be used on all sliding table saws and spindle molding machines with sliding table

  • Magnetic joints make installation and adjustment easy
  • Safety cylinder ensures maximum labor safety
  • Pressure bar function possible with all carriage lengths
  • Lock height 95 mm
  • Clamping force is about 300 kg

The overhead saw guard offers the highest operational safety and maximum flexibility when handling large workpieces: the new upper saw guard can be easily rotated and fixed according to need. cutting bridge.

Outrigger table with outrigger rollers for ripping and shaping cuts of large board materials, height-adjustable floor guide, total length 15 ft. (4.5 m), including 3 sections

Accurate meter index system Precise angle adjustment, efficient operation and calibration are all possible through the precise bevel guide index system.

Outrigger tables allow users to handle large and heavy work pieces. For ultimate precision and stability, four rollers guide the telescopic support arm. Telescopic cross-cut fence with ergonomically designed mounting and scale system with magnifying lens on cross-cut stop ensures precise setting and cross-cutting up to 2600 mm. The cross-cut fence can be positioned between 90°-45° and has a cross-cut stop as standard. There is a fixed end stop position for 90°.

Electronic precision! Felder’s patented dual miter gauge allows miter cuts on pieces of varying widths and at any angle. Easy to use: Simply enter the desired angle as well as the width of your work pieces on the keyboard. You’ll instantly get the settings and be able to set the electronic twin protractor accordingly. The fence stop on the fence can be adjusted up to 53” proportionally. Depending on the angles set, the length compensated vernier scale will allow you to set the exact workpiece length when you make angled cuts.

Sensational: A standard electric scoring unit integrated into the saw blade by Felder ensures precise and stable cutting.

Technical specifications of Felder K540s sliding table saw

  1. Engine:– Motor: 7.5 HP (5.5 kW) 3x400V, 50Hz
  1. Saw set:– Main saw blade diameter from 250- 400 mm
    – Saw blade speed 4000 rpm
    – Saw blade tilted from 90- 45 degrees
    – Maximum cutting height 137 mm
    – 100 mm diameter blade unit with 300 mm main saw blade diameter
  2.  Sliding table:– Sliding table is 3200 mm long
    – Workpiece rack table: 1300 mm
    – Cutting ruler for table stand: 2600 mm
  3. General specifications:– Working height: 890 mm
    – Vacuum connection: 120/80 mm
    – Weight: 680 kg

Your decision for Felder – a risk-free option

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience – already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


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