Felder K700 Professional sliding table saw

  • Model: K700 Professional
  • Felder K700 Professional sliding table saw
  • Cutting height 104 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 315 mm
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Product characteristics


The c-tech series offers equipment options specifically designed for the processing of plastics and composite materials. The Felder K700 Professional sliding table saw has flexible, heavy load cutting capabilities to meet the needs of intensive cutting. Felder’s sliding table saw is one of the most popular machines in the world, with outstanding design, convenience, and user comfort.

Outstanding specification of K700 Professional sliding table saw

máy cưa bàn trượt felder K700 Professional

The Felder K700 Professional sliding table saw has the solid outrigger that makes it possible to process large and heavy workpieces. High precision and operating smoothness is guaranteed by 8 bearing guide rollers situated in the outrigger telescopic arm. You can optionally equip your Felder saw with a 1100 Felder outrigger or the 1300 professional version. The telescopic crosscut fence with mounting system and ergonomically designed scale with magnifying lens on the crosscut stop guarantees precise settings and crosscuts up to 2600 mm. The crosscut fence can be positioned between 90°-45° and has one crosscut stop as standard. There is a fixed end stop position for 90°.

Precise mitre index system: No reading errors due to scales and vernier. No time-wasting with arduous approximations of angle values. The advantage of the Felder degree index is that the stop is set and fixed without losing time or making reading errors.Highly precise index positions allow for the accurate production of polygons, e.g. 5.625º (32 sided), 11.25º (16 sided), 22.5º (8 sided). In addition, index positions at 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º and 45º can be used when working in slide to cut or push to cut mode. Every index position is equipped with a length compensator. The highly precise Felder degree index system is adjusted at the factory. This cost effective index system integrates well into the machine design and will increase your productivity.

máy cưa bàn trượt felder K700

The patented tilt segment “Easy-Glide” fulfills the highest requirements in businesses and industries. A precise, guided, doublesided support, guarantees maximum load bearing and tolerance free tilting and is absolutely maintenance free. A special, highly durable synthetic material situated in the guide of the tilting segment ensures extremely smooth movement and long-lasting precision. The tilting guide system, a synthetic material tried and tested in aerospace and lock construction, works without the requirement of lubrication and is totally resistant to dust. With a 6 year factory guarantee from Felder

The enhanced circular sawing components with the patented tilt segment “Easy-Glide” enables the combination of a main saw blade with a Ø from 250 mm to Ø 315 mm and a Ø 120 mm scoring unit.

The electronically balanced saw arbor with dual bearing seat system is powered via a Poly-V belt. This combination results in an almost perfect ­transmission of power to the saw blade. The diameter of the saw shaft on the machine is 30 mm (1.18′′) according to European standard size. We provide this saw shaft size to increase stability when making larger cuts and to make the user’s experience safer when using dado tools in particular; the US standard shaft size is 16mm (5/8″). This is nearly half the diameter of the shaft and is designed for smaller machinery with small tools. European 30-millimeter-diameter tools are available from a number of US-based suppliers, and our existing tooling can be resized to fit our machines.

máy cưa bàn trượt felder K700

The Felder K700 Professional sliding table saw has a saw unit fully compatible with dado tooling. Thanks to removable flanges and table insert.

Similarly, the saw blade height and angle settings can be set to an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter. For fine tuning there is also a push button and a clear LED display screen to show you the actual current value.

The “X-roll” sliding table comes with a 10-year Felder guarantee and offers outstanding features:

» Durable table guiding with Felder linear guide system. No single point of contact thanks to rolling bearings!

» The guides are clean and dust-free thanks to a special wiper.

» Smooth and precise running due to hardened and grounded guides.

» 10 year warranty

The electric motor positioned rip fence running on a maintenance free lineal guiding system with ball bearing bushings moves quickly and accurately to within a tenth of a millimeter of the entered cutting width. The rip fence can be tilted away at any point along the full rip length and guarantees perfect cuts with a maximum width of 1250 mm.

The rip fence can be fitted with an electronic digital display. The perfect integration of the electronic unit allows you to turn the display around 90°, so the values can be clearly seen and read from the operating area. Additional functions such as the input of incremental measurements make your daily working life easier.

Electronic precision! The patented double miter gauge from Felder allows for miter cuts on pieces of differing widths and at any angle. Really easy to use: Simply type in the desired angle as well as the widths of your workpieces on the keyboard. Immediately, you will receive the settings and can set the electronic double miter gauge accordingly. The fence stop on the fence can be adjusted up to 53” with the scale. Regardless of the angles set, the length compensating vernier scale allows you to compensate for the workpiece length.

Specifications of K700 Professional sliding table saw

  • Cutting height 104 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 315 mm
  • Saw blade tilt: 90°- 45°
  • Rip capacity (width) 800/1250 mm
  • Cutting length 2050 – 2500 mm
  • Motor power: 4.0 HP (3.0 kW), 3x 400v, 50 Hz
  • Working table height 890 mm
  • Slider (with slide length 2500 mm) 5280 mm
  • Width (W1-Saw table part) 1058/1493 mm
  • Width (W2-Workpiece holder) 1872- 2636 mm
  • Net weight 560 kg
  • Vacuum hose connection 120/50 (80) mm

Your decision for Felder – a risk-free option

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience – already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


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