ForKa 300 S Eco edgebander

  • Model: ForKa 300 S Eco
  • ForKa 300 S Eco edgebander
  • Electrical connection: 3x 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Total capacity: 4.0 KW
  • Available stock
  • Price only 4X million
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Product characteristics


Forka 300S ECO manual edge banding machine is one of the popular edge banding machines to meet a variety of materials. The Forka 300S ECO edge banding machine is a perfect choice for all types of edges: straight, curved, beveled…

What’s special about the Forka 300 S ECO manual edge banding machine?

The Forka 300 S ECO edge banding machine is one of the few manual edge banding machines from Felder – Austria. The machine has a compact size and its investment cost is not too high, so it is chosen by many people. In order to meet the maximum needs of customers, despite its small size, the machine can glue workpieces of large weight and size thanks to the supporting table.

In addition to the function of banding straight edges, the Forka 300 S ECO manual edge banding machine can also glue curved and inclined workpieces. The manual edge banding machine helps carpenters be more active in their work, saving time when using traditional machines.

The perfect choice for any edge profile – Forka 300 S ECO

The ForKa 300 S ECO is equipped with a pneumatic pre-cutting machine for rolled materials and ensures high-quality processing of straight and curved edges.

Specifications of Forka 300 S ECO edge banding machine

  • Electrical connection: 3×400 V, 50Hz
  • Total capacity: 4.0 KW
  • Thread thickness 0.4-3 mm
  • Workpiece thickness: 8- 60 mm
  • The minimum allowable width of the workpiece is 30 mm
  • The minimum allowable length of the workpiece is 200 mm
  • Minimum allowable radius of curvature of workpiece 25 mm
  • Banding speed 4 + 8 m/p
  • Pneumatic connection: 6 bar
  • Machine size: 1000 x 700 x 875 mm
  • Weight: 260 Kg
Highlights of the Forka 300S ECO manual edge banding machine

About Felder – Austria woodworking machinery brand

The Felder Group with the corporate headquarter in Hall in Tirol is one of the world’s leading suppliers of woodworking machines for the purpose of improving production processes, developing technology in wood production.

Felder Group – Austria manufactures high-end woodworking machines

With the passion, faith and courage to innovate, Felder group has developed more than 250 sales and service centers worldwide. Committed to providing high-quality and high-precision machinery. Modern woodworking machinery technology at Felder and strict production management ensure the quality of machines with absolute precision.

Currently, Wood & Brothers is the official distributor of Felder (Austria) woodworking machines in Vietnam. In order to meet the needs of the Vietnam market, Wood & Brothers is constantly seeking and absorbing advanced technologies and exclusive solutions from abroad, thereby bringing the highest production value to the domestic manufacturing industry.

Your decision for Felder – a risk-free option

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience – already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


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