Heavy duty 7-function edgebander

  • Model: MFB – 468T
  • Total capacity: 7,6 Kw
  • Heavy duty 7-function edgebander
  • High-end electrical components
  • 12 month warranty
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Product characteristics

Manufactured and imported from China.

– Simple and easy to use central control panel

– Pressing roller system for excellent results

– Precision milling unit for perfect results

– The cornering system is designed with 2 boards with a board thickness of 60mm.

– The glue razor cluster and edge polishing are only sure to produce a perfectly beautiful product.

– Using high quality components from: Delta PLC, Siemens…

Detail functions of the MF450GY

  • The functions of the edgebander MF450GY include: Before gluing, check the board’s edge, glue rolling, gluing, automatic thread trimming, tail end cutting, 2 edge milling, corner trimming, residual glue scraper, polishing, solution sprayer
  • The MF450GY chassis is integrally solid, which keeps the machine stable and durable over time.
  • The control panel is intuitive, easy to remember and use, in a variety of languages ​​such as: Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese…
Easy-to-operate intuitive control panel
  • The gluepot is covered with non-stick coating (Teflon), the position of the gluepot is scientifically designed, ensuring a uniform glue temperature and just the right amount of glue.
  • The pressing unit with four adjustable-stroke pneumatic rollers ensures simpler and easier conveyor adjustment. Thread thickness adjustment improves glue-to-thread adhesion.
Glue roller – thread presser – thread glue unit
  • The end cutter adopts an air pressure equalization device, which makes the cutter head more stable and easy to adjust. Design of the pneumatic circuit has been optimized to reduce cutter head noise and improve cutting efficiency.
Homogeneous end cutter
  • Trimming unit with stable structure reduces vibration and optimizes cutter position for perfect edge handling
Trimming unit handles excess thread
  • Cornering unit with double guide rails, ensures fast and accurate rounding of corners.
Cornering unit with double guide rails
  • The excess glue scraper solves the problem of excess glue. Simultaneously, handle the excess thread and trim back to make the edge better.
Milling unit on the edge of the board

1. Function:

–   Automatic glue rolling, thread banding, thread trimming

–  Headstock and tailstock

–  2 edge rough milling

–  2 sided fine milling

–  Round the corner of headstock and tailstock

–  Excess glue scraper

–  Solution injector

–  Polishing

2. Working size:

–    Thickness of glue thread: 0.4-3 mm

–    Workpiece height: 10-60 mm

–    Minimum workpiece width >80 mm

–     Minimum workpiece length: >120 mm

–     Conveyor speed: 14-20-23 m/

5. General specifications:

–  Voltage 3×380 V, 50 Hz

–  Working pressure: 0.6 MPA

–  Total capacity: 7.6 Kw

–  Dimensionsy: 5800 * 950 * 1580mm


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