Jig saw N2 35

  • Brand: Hammer
  • Model: N2 35
  • Jig saw N2 35
  • Main motor: 1 Kw 1×230 V, 50 Hz
  • Cutting speed: 17 m/s
  • Maximum cutting depth: 235 mm, throat depth 340 mm
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Product characteristics


The N2 35 circular saw impresses with its unique detailed design in the same saw segment on the market. The N2 35 circular saw is a basic circular saw from Felder, with standard sawing height and performance quality that meets most user requirements. The N2 35 saw is a popular investment among DIY customers thanks to its affordable price.

Highlights of the N2 35 circular saw

The solid machine table made of heavy cast iron can tilt from -5 to +45. For the 90° table position, the adjustable end stop tilts in.

The cutting height is an impressive 235mm, the height adjustment of the blade guard is precisely adjusted by means of a crank on the tooth rack.

Guided precisely along the circular bar, the fence can be positioned or rotated to the left or right of the saw blade. The aluminum fence is attached to the cast iron shell of the parallel fence and can be positioned along the cutting direction to improve the feedability of longer workpieces. To handle narrow workpieces, the aluminum fence can be laid flat from the usual vertical position.

The bandsaw is equipped with top and bottom table guides with finely adjustable side and rear rollers and lockable and setting screws.

The blade and belt tension can be easily seen and adjusted on the solid band saw wheel.

The machine can be used as a table-top machine or with the base (500-13-355) as a floor-standing machine.

Technical specifications of the N2 35 circular saw

Main motor: 1 Kw 1×230 V, 50 Hz
Saw parts:
Flywheel diameter: 350 mm
Saw blade length: 2630 mm
Saw blade width: 6-19 mm
Cutting speed: 17 m/s
Maximum cutting depth: 235 mm, throat depth 340 mm
General specifications:
Saw table size: 548×400 mm
Saw table tilt: -5°/+45°
Vacuum head diameter: 1×100 mm
3m cable with CEE 7/7 plug Weight: 170 kg


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