JRS-355 upper blade weed saw

  • Model: JRS-355
  • Tốc độ trục: 3750v/phút
  • JRS-355 upper blade weed saw
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Product characteristics

Conveyor  / Rail

Specially designed and material of chain and rail system can ensure stable feeding and high cutting precision also prolong its service life.

Auxiliary roller

The integrated structure between pressure roller and frame ensures high precision and rigidity.


Customer-facing dashboard.


The sliding safety guard is mounted on the machine to complete the protection, while providing a smooth feed during operation.

Accurate measuring and locking system

The cast iron scale moves on a hard chromium treated round bar along with a locking system, providing accurate reading and position of the scale.

Anti-backfire kit

Two sets of anti-backfire systems on top with highly effective protection.

Automatic lubrication

The hidden lubrication system is located inside the machine frame to protect the life of the machine.

Anti-backfire kit on the table

Adding an anti-backfire protection on the table is much safer.


Available for installation with a laser unit and can preview the saw’s accuracy over the length of the woodworking product with less material loss


Model JRS-355
Roller presses the workpiece 6 park
Working thickness 120mm
Motor 15hp
Workpiece feeding motor 2hp
Shaft speed 3750v/min
Shaft diameter 25.4mm
Saw blade diameter 305-355mm
Workpiece feeding speed 11-45m/min
Distance of cylinder to saw blade 460mm
Desk size 890 x 1700mm
Dust exhaust pipe Ø100
Weight 1100/1350kg
Size machine 1800 x 1550 x1700mm


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