Kappa 400 sliding table saw

  • Model: Kappa 400
  • Kappa 400 sliding table saw
  • The machine can fulfill diverse cutting needs
  • Cutting height 133 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 250 – 550 mm
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Product characteristics


The Kappa 400 sliding table saw with a dynamic design encasing advanced technology and comfortable operation. Guarantees cuts of both regular and more professional standards for high-end requirements, as well as simple and convenient operation with the highest level of safety. Wood & Brothers will introduce the high-grade Kappa 400 sliding table saw in the article below.

Specifications of Kappa 400 sliding table saw

The fence is equipped with an electronic digital display. The perfect integration of the electronic unit allows you to turn the display around 90°, so the values can be clearly seen and read from the operating area. Additional functions such as the input of incremental measurements make your daily working life easier. Furthermore, the standout features include:

  • Bright, easy-to-read LED display
  • No batteries required due to direct connection to the machine’s power supply
  • Automatic recognition of vertical or horizontal fence position
  • Saw blade tooth width compensation

The “Easy-glide” system is warranted for 6 years by the manufacturer.

  • Precise dual shaft system
  • High load capacity and long service life
  • Free tilt
  • Unaffected by dust
  • Totally free maintenance
  • No need for lubrication
  • 6-year warranty

X-roll sliding table has a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer

“X-Roll” makes a difference: Extremely smooth and precise sliding action! With the roller bearing system, there is no single point of contact between the bearing and the guide rail, maximizing accuracy throughout the machine’s lifespan. Clean and dust-free guide rails thanks to special wipers and brushes. The smooth movement of the slide is ensured by hardened steel, bearing rails.

Parallelogram outrigger table: The new and solidly built parallelogram table allows for infinitely variable chamfer cuts from -46° to +46°. The available surface for workpieces remains unchanged regardless of the angle setting. The digital display of the angle setting is accurate to 1/100 of a degree. Angle/length compensation is done using a Nonius scale or “digital addition compensation”

Control the position of the rip fence: The tear fence is positioned by a motor and driven through a dust-free integrated ball spindle in the saw table. With an accuracy of 0.004” (0.1 mm), quick and simultaneous positioning of the tear fence, blade height and cutting angle ensures accuracy, increased productivity and profits. Automatic adjustment of measurements when the rip fence is horizontal. 

  • The saw blade cannot collide due to the coordination of the tool database with the positioning control.
  • Rip fence can be rotated away at any point in full rip capacity

Grooving sawing components: Kappa 400 sliding table saw capable of grooving. Specially clean large Format4 dado cutters ensure precise dado cuts from 1/4”–3/4” (6–20 mm).

Saw blade tilting system: Saw blade tilt 0°-45°, cutting height 5” (133 mm) at 90 degrees, cutting height 4” (94 mm) at 45 degrees

Sawing components of the Kappa 400 sliding table saw

  • Electronic height adjustment with LED display
  • Electronic angle adjustment with digital LED display
  • Saw blade tilt 90°-45°
  • Oversized saw frame with double shaft
  • Transmission of maximum motor power from the Poly-V belt
  • 3 speeds: 3500/4500/5500 rpm
  • Optimum vacuuming with a fully enclosed under-table suction system
  • Dovetail guide system for height adjustment
  • A high-strength synthetic material is located in the guide grooves of the inclined racks, ensuring smooth operation and requiring no maintenance even in the harshest conditions. The inclined guide segment runs without lubrication and is not sensitive to dust.

The “Quick-lock” saw blade clamping system: An alternative solution to the unique worldwide Format 4 quick-change saw blade system “Easy-lock” is now the “Quick-lock” blade clamping system. It allows for quick and easy saw blade changes using just one tool.

Specifications of kappa 400 sliding table saw

  • Cutting height 133 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 250 – 550 mm
  • Saw blade tilt: 90°- 45°
  • Vertical splitting capacity (width): 800 mm
  • Motor 5.5 HP (4.0 kW), 3x 400v, 50 Hz
  • 3 speed levels 3500/4500/5500 rpm
  • Working table height 890 mm
  • Slider (with slide length 3200 mm) 6947 mm
  • Width (W1-Saw table part) 1074/1509 mm
  • Width (W2-Workpiece holder) 1830- 3345 mm
  • Net weight 930 kg
  • Vacuum hose connection 120/80 mm

Kappa 400 sliding table saw excels in all aspects. In addition to a good price-performance ratio, the sliding table saw also impresses with its 3-axis control capability, heavy-duty sawing components, sliding table, user-friendly features, and absolute cutting precision. Contact 0908 333 757 now for the fastest advice and support.

FORMAT4 – High-end machines for premium demands

  • Great value worth the money
  • Reliable decision for many years to come
  • Highly improved machine technology
  • Tables and parts in solid cast iron
  • High quality, unique detailed solutions as standard
  • Top-quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Multiple functions with compact design
  • Mobile function as an option
  • Limited space requirements
  • Least time-consuming


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