Kappa 550 e-motion sliding table saw

  • Model: Kappa 550 e-motion
  • Kappa 550 e-motion sliding table saw
  • Integrated automatic safety system for operators
  • Motor 7.5 HP (5.5 kW), 3x 400v, 50 Hz
  • 3 speed levels 3000/4000/5000 rpm
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Product characteristics


With the powerful and safe Kappa 550 E-motion table saw technology, Felder develops the Kappa 550 E-motion saw to upgrade the intelligent control system. Kappa 550 E-motion sliding table saw is a more advanced version to serve customers who love convenience and automation.

PCS ® safety function on the Kappa 550 E-motion sliding table saw

PCS ® the leading operator safety system, the award-winning PCS ® system, is the next step in innovation for sliding table saws worldwide. Researched and developed by Felder Corporation – USA, the PCS ® safety system is a revolution in safety for the sliding table saw operator. Serious accidents are now a thing of the past – PCS ® activates the preventive contact system, which detects human tissue before it comes into contact with the saw blade. Kappa 550 E-motion sliding table saw with saw blade safely retracts and is ready to use again at the touch of a button.

  • PCS detects accident hazards prior to contact with the saw blade.
  • PCS eliminates dangerous situations in milliseconds.
  • PCS is 100% safe and will not damage the machine and the saw blade.
  • PCS allows safe operation near the saw blade.
  • PCS supports grooving.
  • PCS is ready for reuse at the push of a button.
  • PCS does not require additional cleaning and maintenance cycles.
  • PCS operates without an additional external power source and without the need for external sensors or video systems.
  • PCS is resistant to dirt.

The integrated PCS ® for the Kappa 550 E-motion sliding table saw is a great function that ensures absolute operator safety. The basic line of sliding table saws with strong and safe cutting capabilities is always the preferred choice in each customer’s workshop.

Highlights of the Kappa 550 E-motion chainsaw

Intuitive smarttouch control with modern touch screen: All axes of the machine can be conveniently and intuitively controlled by the central operator with a 15″ touch screen. In-house software with a graphical user interface, a multitude of programs, a USB interface and a ready-made network connection makes work easier and ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. USB interface helps inputing and exporting data prepared for network connection and remote maintenance.

Cutting programs and control panels for maximum needs

Program memory

  • Tools Database (includes Scorer Location for 2-axis scorer and scorer control)
  • General program editing
  • Programs for the respective function
  • Memory of the last five input values
  • Tool database import and export, program memory
  • Remote maintenance via Teamviewer


  • Stop position
  • Motion of axes in steady mode
  • Increment method of shaft
  • Computer
  • Admin function

Cutting program/outrigger board function/cross-cutting fence:

  • Wrong Miter
  • Compound Miter Cut (except for controlled cross-section fences)
  • Processing cutting diagram of cutting optimization software
  • Bevel cutting

Cutting programs/functions associated with controlled railings:

  • Tilt saw
  • Groove
  • Notch
  • Bevel cutting
  • Plus cross cut

E-motion Plus control extension: On request, the “smarttouch” machine control system can be extended with other programs for geometry functions: angle bar, parallelogram, trapezoid, polygon, stairs, triangle, pyramid, cube, slot / mortise, corner bench

There is a video to guide the cutting program: Each cut with the Format4 sliding table saw is a masterpiece of precision. For example: when cutting a pyramid, this is one of 18 predefined cutting programs.

Grooves, grooves, notches, wrong caps, truss trim and various geometric shapes; in short videos we show you how it works: Enter the workpiece shape and size on the touch screen, follow the intuitive cutting plan – done.

Intelligent control software: Intuitive operation via smart 15″ touch control with capacitive touchscreen in a modern design.

  • Instrument database (includes scorer position with 2-axis scorer and scorer control)
  • Program editing (general)
  • Memory of the last five input values
  • Tool database import and export, program memory
  • Remote maintenance via Teamviewer
  • Parking location (ripping barrier, scorer control)
  • Incremental movement of the axes
  • Many editing programs
  • Processing cutting diagram of cutting optimization software
15” touch screen, label printing unit and smart stop

Ardis cutting optimization software: Due to the integration of the Format4 cutting optimization system into the machine and the operating concept, all processing stages can be carried out quickly, efficiently and centrally. No training is required as the user interface is intuitive, clear and easy to use.

MLabel printer for automation production line: Label printers not only allow the workpiece to be accurately labeled, but also allow for streamlined post-processing. This allows programs to be loaded for further processes on CNC and edge banding machines simply by using the barcode scanner. Save valuable production time with label printers and increase your productivity, quality ; and, as a result, profits.

Remote key control: The overhead saw guard can be unlocked with one motion and rotates completely away from the table area. If desired, the overhead saw guard can be unlocked directly via a lever.

High-quality Form4 cast iron saw assembly for precision, performance and smooth operation:

  • Scoring unit “Control” 3 axes
  • Change saw blades without tools!
  • Large depth of cut
  • Spray equipment for processing non-ferrous metals and plastics
  • Sawing components with “Easy-Glide” inclined section guide system
  • Tilt saw blade 0°-46°
  • Oversized saw shaft with double bearing shaft

Large saw frame with double saw shaft

  • Absolute vibration-free machining
  • Incredible power transmission thanks to extremely efficient Poly-V belt drive technology
High quality sawing components, powerful performance

System “Easy-Glide” 6 years manufacturer warranty

  • Precise dual shaft system
  • High load capacity and long service life
  • Free angle saw
  • Unaffected by dust
  • Totally free maintenance
  • No need for lubrication

Tilted circular sawing components thanks to the tested Format-4 “Easy-Glide” rotating segment guiding rail. “Sliding guiding rails” on large swing segments are made of synthetic high-performance materials that are non-abrasive, dust-resistant and require no maintenance or lubrication. The Easy-Glide System“ comes with a 6 year warranty!

The Kappa 550 sliding table saw has a large cutting height, customers can significantly increase the cutting height of the table saw. The Kappa 550 offers customers 202 mm at 90° and 141 mm at 45°. With the need to find high-end sliding table saws, Kappa 550 is the perfect choice.

Saw blade tilt: Saw blade tilt 0°-46°, cutting height 8” (202 mm) at 90 degrees, cutting height 5” (141 mm) at 45 degrees

Grooving: Kappa 550 has grooving capability, used with large Format4 dado cutter head. With a special design, guaranteed precise saw marks from 1/4”–3/4” (6–20 mm).

Easy-lock tool for quick blade change, maintenance-free clamping system and years of premium comfort: Easily changing saw blade and wasting no time.

Powerful and effective scoring saw blade, between two high-performance scoring units: Classic, automatic. Both saw blades combine transmission technology and reliable operation for perfect scoring results. That is guaranteed with a 5-inch diameter scoring blade and a speed of 10300 rpm (60Hz).

Large guaranteed cutting height, the most convenient cutting support system for the operator

X-roll sliding table 10 years warranty by the manufacturer: “A masterpiece of engineering”, ensuring precision and smooth operation! This precise guiding system will accept the maximum load without affecting the movement of the sliding table. The “X” configuration of the bearing optimally distributes the workpiece weight to all sides, with the full width of the bearing in contact with the guide groove. There is no single point of contact between the bearing and the guide rail as found on conventional ball bearing systems, the rolling bearing will never wear the groove into the guide rail. The “X-Roll” system comes with a 10-year factory warranty.

Kappa 550 E-motion sliding table saw machine parameters

  • Cutting height 202 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 250 – 550 mm
  • Saw blade tilt: 90°- 45°
  • Vertical sawing capacity (width) 1000 mm
  • Motor 7.5 HP (5.5 kW), 3x 400v, 50 Hz
  • 3 speed levels 3000/4000/5000 rpm
  • Working table height 890 mm
  • Slider stroke (with 3200 mm slide length) 7300 mm
  • Width (W1-Saw table part) 1348/1954/2022 mm
  • Width (W2-Workpiece holder) 2037/3346 mm
  • Net weight 1300 kg
  • Vacuum hose connection 120/100 mm

FORMAT4 – High-end machines for premium demands

  • Great value worth the money
  • Reliable decision for many years to come
  • Highly improved machine technology
  • Tables and parts in solid cast iron
  • High quality, unique detailed solutions as standard
  • Top-quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Multiple functions with compact design
  • Mobile function as an option
  • Limited space requirements
  • Least time-consuming


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