Kappa Automatic classic panel saw

  • Model: Kappa Automatic classic
  • Kappa Automatic classic panel saw
  • Classic – compact design
  • Continuous cutting speed adjustment from 1 to 40 m/p
  • Saw blade rerun speed 130 m/p
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Product characteristics


The Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw meets the standard cutting capacity, requiring 2m² less space than a saw with the same cutting length. The machine meets the unique requirements of the discerning carpenter, the quality of the machine corresponds to the price, which is extremely suitable for professional customers looking for furniture. 

Highlights of the Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw

Máy cưa Panel Kappa Automatic classic


The air cushion table can be controlled separately, three separate fans are used for the air cushion function on the side table. Individual control ensures convenient panel handling and significant power savings.

Scientific pressure bar and display design, thanks to the flexible terminal and easy-to-see window on the pressure bar, you always have everything important in sight.

Moving towards automation with the automatic front lift table can temporarily store stacks of sheets up to 240 mm in length and process each plan one by one. Alternatively, a pre-tested panel stack can be loaded and individual plans can be completed with minimal setup time. With the Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw design, the panel thickness is independent.

Máy cưa Panel Kappa Automatic classic

The feeder pushes the material towards the cutting shaft, the plates can always be loaded firmly and without damage, regardless of the thickness of the material.

The sawing components with main saw blade, primary saw blade and rigid circular guide ensures extremely smooth movement and precise cutting angle.

The rails of the panel Kappa Automatic classic saw have support rollers for material transport, ensuring the accurate delivery of panel material to the cutting path.

The sturdy, pneumatically controlled steel clamps ensure secure and undamaged clamping of the panel compartments (3⅛” (80 mm) opening height) and individual small panels.

Double guide measuring system on the pusher: The control panel pushers, made from rigid steel, are guided on both sides and equipped with a magnetic measuring system. The combination of a high-precision servo motor and a sturdy material clamp ensures maximum repeatability.

Saw gear: the constant speed of the saw conveyer table is changable and can be set between 1–40 m/min from the control panel. The support system and the gear rack on which the sliding table runs ensures consistent cutting quality regardless of the material being handled.

The pressure device with rollers presses the workpiece against the fence and ensures the correct 90° angle (for workpiece widths 50–1200 mm)

Máy cưa Panel Kappa Automatic classic

The labeling system ensures perfect reliability, when combined with cutting optimization software, labels can be printed for each workpiece with various information (order number, intended use, CNC program, which side will be passed through the edge banding machine).

Simple design of control panel and clearly presented menu guide of software control with Windows system, intuitive operation. The automatic kappa machine can be equipped with Ardis cutting optimization software. As an option, it can also be equipped with a label printer.

The pressure beam automatically lowers before making the cut and presses the workpiece onto the saw table. This pressure holds the workpiece during cutting and can be adjusted manually to the maximum (3 bars). The pressure beam also performs the vacuuming of dust and workpiece created by the saw blade.  

Many software packages for customers to explore, customers can enjoy vast resources when investing in a Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw

Specifications of Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw

  1. Engine:

– Engine: 10 HP (7.5 kW) 3x400V, 50Hz

  1. Cutting length and pressure workpiece holding system

– Cutting length 3200 mm

– Pneumatically controlled pressure bar

– 02 settings for workpiece holding pressure through adjustment from the control computer

  1. Saw blade system:

– Cutting direction opposite to the fence direction

– Continuous cutting speed adjustment from 1 to 40 m/p

– Saw blade rerun speed 130 m/p

– Automatic control of cutting length by laser sensor on the part blade bearing

– Main saw blade diameter 320 mm and protrusion 68 mm

– Motor for auxiliary blade 1.1 kW and pneumatic descending control

– Side saw blade diameter 150 mm

– Quick saw blade locking for both main blade and auxiliary blade

  1. Table

– Left-inclined worktable with air cushion, 600×2300 mm

Right corner fence, length 2000 mm

– 02 additional support tables with pneumatic cushions, 600×1500 mm

  1. Sliding and clamping system for workpiece

– Working range of the system 3200 mm

– Roller-bearing support rails behind the machine table 9 pcs

– The number of workpiece clamps with 80 mm working height is 6 pcs

– Feeding speed and reverse is 25/25 m/p

– Automatic start from preset cutting position and detected by laser sensor behind the table

– Automatic pressure device (50-1200 mm)

– Additional workpiece clamp at position 787.50 mm to stop

  1. Machine control system

– Electrical control with 24 inch TFT display

– Computer with Windows 7 Professional operating system

– Record operating hours, running meters, and service intervals

  1. General specifications:

– Connecting the vacuum hose: 120/100/100 mm
– Weight: 3500 kg

The Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw is one of the standard version saws in the panel saw series from Felder. The quality of the saw has been verified through the exceptional functionality of all its components. With its industrial billet cutting capability, the Panel Kappa Automatic classic saw will help customers optimize production processes and develop furniture production models.

FORMAT4 – High-end machines for premium demands

  • Great value worth the money
  • Reliable decision for many years to come
  • Highly improved machine technology
  • Tables and parts in solid cast iron
  • High quality, unique detailed solutions as standard
  • Top-quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Multiple functions with compact design
  • Mobile function as an option
  • Limited space requirements
  • Least time-consuming


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