Nesting Profit H100 CNC Machine

  • Trademark: Format 4
  • Model: Profit H100
  • Nesting Profit H100 CNC Machine
  • Increase the maximum axis speed up to 30% in the X and Y directions.
  • Optimized positioning and rotation speed up to 80%
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Product characteristics


The Nesting Profit H100 CNC machine is a high-end machine from the Felder brand of woodworking machines – Austria. With professional cutting, drilling and milling capabilities and new nesting technology from Europe, the furniture production process is increasingly optimized and the product quality meets the highest standards. So what are the highlights of the Nesting Profit H100 CNC machine with manufacturing technology from Europe? Find out more details with Wood & Brothers below.

F4 – Pioneering CNC software

For the most demanding needs, including all functions, the programming software and control panel are designed with an extremely intuitive interface for easy step-by-step operation. F4®Integrate is software developed by Format4®. Researched and developed from the actual use experience of customers. Through the process of cooperation with customers Format 4® has optimized all the shortcomings of a conventional CNC machine.

F4®Integrate meets the highest demands in modern CNC machining.F4 Integrate is based on G-Code, making it easy to connect and operate with other CNC programs, ensuring stability.

Pioneering software for CNC machines – Format 4


With 10kW, 12kW or 15kW motor power (depending on model) can spin up to 24,000rpm. The Nesting Profit H100 CNC machine has a milling motor controlled by an inverter and is mounted directly to the support module of the drill head in the Z axis. Dual linear guides ensure high-precision vertical guidance.

The main motor is positioned by a tight linkage screw. The HSK F63 tool clamping is done automatically. The tool holder is checked using sensors, then confirms the correct, safe tool position and starts working. The tool holder is cleaned with compressed air.

Large, stable power spindle

Optional drilling configuration

The basic machine is only used for cabinet making or for other functions simultaneously, you can decide which drilling head configuration is right for you. Actively select functions according to drilling needs: one drill head (with vertical spindle) or one with spindle and slotted saw (handles vertical and horizontal rotation). Variable frequency drive motors can reach up to 7,500 revolutions per minute.


The C-axis is optionally a fourth interpolation axis (360°) and has a pneumatic interface for composite blocks.

C-axis helps to diversify operations in production

Automatic tool measurement system

The tool positions and sizes are stored in the system database, and tool measurement is automated and precise to the millimeter through preset data settings.

Automatic tooling system increases accuracy

Smart partition

The smart partition system can quickly process custom formats when selected. Several control panel formats: 3090mm x 2100mm (7“x10”), 3090mm x 1530mm (5“x10”), 2500mm x 1250mm (4“x8”). The control panel format can be quickly changed from one format to another.

Status bar

The innovative lighting system changes color to show different machine states. This helps the operator to update the current status of the Nesting Profit H100 CNC machine early, conveniently and safely while the machine is in operation.

F4 – Specialized solution for cabinet manufacturing workshops

F4® Solutions technology is suitable for all furniture production needs. F4 ® Solutions software accompanies the furniture workshop to guarantee maximum productivity by facilitating a consistent, efficient, and profitable production process. Individual product design within a familiar CAD environment.

Realistic 3D rendering and visualization for effective sales support. Detailed data transfer to all integrated machines to save time and investment costs. Even the final assembly instructions come with detailed drawings and 3D data, serving production and sales with Industry 4.0 technology.

Automatic labeling

The labeling system facilitates the product manufacturing process and ensures absolute process reliability. Automatic pre-labeling on the workpiece feeder reduces sources of error and also reduces processing time.

Workpiece lifting table

The workpiece lifting table automatically positions the plate stack directly to the appropriate working height. Alignment of panel materials takes place directly on the platform and is synchronous. The lifting table helps to save a lot of workpiece transfer time and labor.

Performance pack

With the performance package, CNC control sets the highest possible industry standard. Different levels of optimization ensure shorter processing times, different milling results and increased comfort in CNC machining.

  • Increase the maximum axis speed up to 30% in the X and Y directions.
  • Optimized positioning and rotation speed up to 80%
  • “Multi-touch” function on the control terminal for user-friendly CNC machine operation
  • Smooth, consistent and steady knife movements for the best surface results on the finished workpiece.
  • Reduce vibration behavior during CNC machining through integrated recoil control

Hook Park confined measuring work area

If the drill is in a confined position, the entire work area is freely accessible. Therefore, the machine operator has no operating restrictions during the workpiece positioning.

Investing in the Nesting Profit H100 CNC machine ensures that customers will not be disappointed, the process and performance gives the best results. Nesting Profit H100 CNC saves huge amount of time and cost in the long run. The machine meets the user’s requirements well thanks to a thorough behavioral study from the manufacturer.


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