Profit H200R Central CNC Machine

  • Trademark: Format 4
  • Model: Profit H200
  • Manufactured and imported from Europe (EU)
  • Profit H200R Central CNC Machine
  • Suitable for high-end production needs
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Product characteristics


New technology for CNC machines along with affordable prices will be the leading standard in today’s modern furniture workshops. Regardless of mass production or production of specially designed products, the H200R CNC profit machine meets 100% of the demand. The H200R CNC profit machine operates at maximum capacity, generating real profits from the very beginning of production.

The most prominent feature of profit H200R center CNC machine

Lightpos – Vacuum positioning with led lights integrated on the profit H200R center CNC machine helps to increase accuracy when processing workpieces. In addition, the system makes operation management faster and more intuitive, enabling alternate operations to be carried out without time-consuming establishment.

More than 6000 LEDs indicate the vacuum table’s size, position, direction as well as the exact position of the panel down to the millimeters. Thanks to a sophisticated color management system, each vacuum type and its direction is displayed in different colors. RGB LEDs on the X-axis provide information about the processing status. LEDs along the X and Y axes show the position and size of the workpiece.

Dust collector positioning: The dust collector cluster has 3 modes, automatically moving to the position of the workpiece, greatly reducing the amount of dust and noise emitted.

Large capacity with dual-circuit vacuum unit, clamping devices locked before workpiece is positioned. As a result, the vacuum pads are no longer moved, and the reliability of the process is greatly increased.

Outstanding specification of profit H200R CNC machine

For the most demanding needs, including all functions, the programming software and control panel are designed with an extremely intuitive interface for easy step-by-step operation. F4®Integrateis the software developed by Format4®. It has been researched and developed based on practical customer experiences, through collaboration with customers. Format 4® has optimized all the shortcomings of a typical CNC machine.

Enjoy the comfort of a modern, easy-to-use interface. The toolkit (F4 Toolbox), programming section (CAM area with integrated CAD area, F4 Create) and machine operation control (F4 Operate), all encapsulated in a single screen with an interface Consistent and intuitive user experience.

F4®Integrate meets the highest demands in modern CNC machining. F4 Integrate is based on G-Code, making it easy to connect and operate with other CNC programs, ensuring stability.

Row stops are fitted to the Profit H200R CNC machine at the rear and center. In more advanced CNC machines such as H300, H350 and H500, row stops are optionally equipped in the front row. Cylindrical cylinder stops allow flexible component reference of small, medium and large workpieces across the work area.

Status bar: The innovative lighting system changes color to show different machine states. This helps the operator to update the current status of the Nesting Profit H100 CNC machine early, conveniently and safely while the machine is in operation.

Sample milling has a separate connection available. Using templates helps to fix complex components in place.

Main shaft with power from 12kW to 15kW, up to 24,000rpm. Driven by an inverter, the die casting motor is more than capable of handling any task. The cutter motor is fixed directly to the holder in the Z axis. High-precision vertical guide, ensured by its two vertical guide tracks. The HSK F63 tool clamping takes place automatically. Tool tension is controlled by researched and validated operating safety sensors. Tool housings are cleaned with compressed air. The C-axis is available as a standard fourth axis and interpolated (360°) with a pneumatic interface to the instruments.

The automatic tooling system has the tool position and size stored in the data system. The comparison is automated and millimeter-accurate through a preset feed.

Tool changer for 4 tools or a set of composite knives, attached to the rig. Ensures quick tool changes even when working in rotation mode, changing operations continuously.

Individual drilling head configuration, the machine can make a separate design or make a variety of different designs. Customers can actively decide which drilling head configuration is suitable for their production needs. Options include a drilling head with only a rotating vertical spindle or one with rotating spindle and grooving saw for vertical and horizontal processing. Inverter driven motor up to 7,500 rpm

In the new designs of CNC center machines from Format 4 show high dynamics, power and technology at first sight. The new chassis with strong steel ribs ensures maximum stability at high power. With a variety of tool changer options and Format 4 software to match the machine perfectly. All but the most advanced requirements from Profit H200R center CNC machine customers are fully met. Ensuring the quality of finished products in production, the machine’s durable equipment creates high-end products that are accurate to the millimeter.

FORMAT4 – High-end machines for premium demands

  • Great value worth the money
  • Reliable decision for many years to come
  • Highly improved machine technology
  • Tables and parts in solid cast iron
  • High quality, unique detailed solutions as standard
  • Top-quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Multiple functions with compact design
  • Mobile function as an option
  • Limited space requirements
  • Least time-consuming


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