Profit H500R CNC Machining Center

  • Trademark: Format 4
  • Model: Profit H500
  • Profit H500R CNC Machining Center
  • Extremely durable high quality parts
  • Components and structure are designed and manufactured as Austrian technology
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Product characteristics


State-of-the-art 5-axis CNC technology ensures unlimited production capabilities. It also reduces the initial investment and future costs of special parts and tools. All high-end requirements can be met by the profit H500R CNC machining center imported as CBU from Austria. Let’s delve into the advanced configuration and technology of this 5-axis CNC machine.

Profit H500R CNC machining center possesses superb configuration – technology

Individual tool configurations, fully automated production capabilities, and a manageable investment – ​​Format 4’s profit H500R CNC machining center offers great future returns. High performance spindle ensures excellent results in all aspects regardless of material. In their new, completely reworked design, CNC machining centers by Format 4 display superior dynamics, power and technology at first glance.

  • Lightpos – LED vacuum pods positioning system integrated into the profit H500R CNC machining center helps increase accuracy for processing workpieces. In addition, the system makes operation management faster and more intuitive, enabling alternate operations to be carried out without time-consuming establishment. More than 6000 LEDs indicate the vacuum table’s size, position, direction as well as the exact position of the panel down to the millimeters. Thanks to a sophisticated color management system, each vacuum type and its direction is displayed in different colors. RGB LEDs on the X-axis provide information about the processing status. LEDs along the X and Y axes show the position and size of the workpiece.
  • Stop rows are fitted to the Profit H500R CNC machining center at the rear and center. Cylindrical cylinder stops allow flexible component reference of small, medium and large workpieces across the work area.
  • For the most demanding needs, including all functions, the programming software and control panel are designed with an extremely intuitive interface for easy step-by-step operation. F4®Integrate is a software developed by Format4®. It has been researched and developed based on practical customer experiences, through collaboration with customers. Format 4® has optimized all the shortcomings of a typical CNC machine.

F4®Integrate fulfills the most daunting requirements in modern CNC machining. F4 Integrate is based on G-Code, making it easy to connect and operate with other CNC programs, ensuring stability.

  • Indulge in the comfort of a modern, intuitive interface. The toolkit (F4 Toolbox), programming section (CAM area with integrated CAD area, F4 Create) and machine operation control (F4 Operate), all encapsulated in a single screen with an interface Consistent and intuitive user experience.
  • Advanced 24” touch screen control with an intuitive interface ensures peak user friendliness. The clearly structured, easy-to-understand user interface allows workers to operate the machine with ease, ensuring maximum productivity. The machine control functions are clearly displayed with graphics. The move – stop programs and various commands can be executed swiftly, effortlessly and accurately with a single touch.
  • The automatic positioning system has the tool position and size stored in the data system. The comparison is automated and millimeter-accurate through a preset feed.
  • The powerful 5-axis spindle with a 12kW motor or 15kW, optionally, guarantees excellent results from milling, drilling and sawing at any angle. The special water cooling system and high-quality ceramic bearings ensure long-lasting precision, amazingly smooth operation regardless of material. An inverter with adjustable speed and can be set to any speed up to 24,000 rpm.
  • Unlimited processing capabilities with the profit H500R CNC machining center tool kit. Drilling head with 18 axes, 12 of which are vertical, and the distance between each axis is 32mm: each can be used individually, 6 horizontal drill axes, spaced 32 mm in-between: 4 X-axes and 2 Y-axes, each can be used individually. The cutter blade is integrated into the X-axis. Variable frequency drive motors can reach up to 7,500 revolutions per minute. The highlight is that the complete working field can be encased in the drilling head for vertical and horizontal drilling.
  • Linear guide
  • X-axis guide: Positioning is accomplished by cyclic ball bearings moving along meticulously machined linear guides to ensure rigidity and polish. The X-axis is positioned through the bracket and the pinion.
  • Y and Z axes guide: Positioning is achieved by cyclic bearings running along hardened and polished linear guides. The Y and Z axes are positioned by a rotary axis.
  • The 24-position rotary tool changer is fitted to the back of the rig and moves with the rig along the X-axis. The tool changer rotates between 24 positions, helping shorten the tool change time, creating greater efficiency for the Format 4 CNC series.
  • The 12-position linear tool changer ensures the shortest switching time and provides enough space for routing tools. The optimal protective housing for the high-precision HSK toolbox controller reduces dust and debris during operation.
  • Maximum travel speed with zero tolerance – The X-axis moves along the pinion on the track stably over time. High-quality X-axis rack and pinion drive with angled and cambered teeth ensures high accuracy at full speed. The speed reduction gears ensure a high level of repeatability. Sealed bearings: precise and durable cyclic ball bearings running on hardened linear guides. 2 Z-axes are controlled by CNC machine for the shortest production cycle
  • Automatic oil pump system: All movable spindles are automatically and continuously lubricated, ensuring low maintenance and availability for constant operation. Lubrication is timed and pneumatically pumped at the intersections of the X, Y and Z axis guides. Lubrication cycle is set based on the frequency of machine operation or the cycle set by the operator.
  • The fully automatic “S – Motion” control panel allows you to fully process the door and window components extremely quickly. Vacuum positioning meets 100% of standards regarding product’s quality and contours.

How to buy profit H500R CNC machine in Vietnam

Customers who are interested in the investment of high-grade machinery from Europe, do promptly contact Wood & Brothers for a free consultation of the most professional standard. For woodworking machine products from Felder – Austria, do promptly contact 0908 333 757 for consultation on buying.

Wood & Brothers Woodworking Machinery guarantees machines of the highest quality. Devoted in each stage of the sales, Wood & Brothers imports profit H500R CNC machining centers as CBU from Austria. The machines are carefully wrapped and packaged to ensure 100% intact delivery to customers. Dedicated and transparent warranty – maintenance services ensure the customer’s peace of mind while indulging in the plentiful resources of European technology.



  • No. 75, N8 Street, Dong An Ward, Tan Dong Hiep District, Di An Provincial City, Binh Duong
  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0908 333 757

FORMAT4 – High-end machines for premium demands

  • Great value worth the money
  • Reliable decision for many years to come
  • Highly improved machine technology
  • Tables and parts in solid cast iron
  • High quality, unique detailed solutions as standard
  • Top-quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Multiple functions with compact design
  • Mobile function as an option
  • Limited space requirements
  • Least time-consuming


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