Rig drilling machine FD 21 Professional

  • Model: Felder FD21 Professional
  • Rig drilling machine FD 21 Professional
  • Number of drill bits: 21
  • Maximum workpiece size: 850×3000 mm
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Product characteristics


The FD21 Professional rig drilling machine is a popular drilling machine line manufactured by Felder Group – Austria. The machine has a compact design, meeting basic production needs or serving the design of DIY products. The compact design helps the machine flexibly handle small-sized products, drill quickly and stably with 21 drill heads with stable capacity.

Drilling rig FD21 Professional has the ability to operate accurately

The ability to operate accurately and achieve maximum efficiency of the FD21 Professional rig drilling machine line is highly appreciated by customers and is  extremely satisfied with the quality. The machine has 21 high-quality machined drill shafts, each 32mm apart. The FD21 Professional rig drilling machine has a large drilling diameter of up to 35mm. Diverse applications when drilling wooden dowels, connecting screws, hinges,…

The machine table is cast from monolithic steel, integrated with a stable barrier to ensure stable, vibration-free operation. The FD21 Professional rig drilling machine has a pneumatic piston workpiece clamping system, ensuring optimal operating structure.

Technical specifications of rig drilling machine FD21 Professional

Drilling unit with 21 drill shafts, with drill bit clamping structure that can be changed flexibly without taking much time. Drill shafts are spaced 32mm apart, the drilling rig is pneumatically controlled at an angle of 0 – 90 degrees.

Automatically adjust drilling depth to 8mm when switching from vertical to horizontal drilling

The left and right rulers are 420mm long and have a built-in magnifying glass to help the operator read numbers accurately without wasting much time.

Two long straight rulers measuring 1500mm with 2 stops help maximize accuracy when drilling connecting pins or drilling in straight lines.

Workpiece clamping depth up to 300mm

The machine has a number of optional upgrades for users, ensuring maximum versatility in production including:

  • The bar moves 45 degrees and the bar moves 90 degrees.
  • Sturdy workpiece support plate: 2 side workpiece support plates and front workpiece support plate help expand the maximum working area.
  • Symmetrical adjustment accessories: Accessories help adjust the equal distance from the two sides to the center quickly.
  • Cabinet hinge drilling adapter
  • Additional pneumatic workpiece clamping system with maximum clamping height of 85mm

Technical specifications of rig drilling machine FD21 Professional

Machining ability

Number of drill shafts 21
Distance between drill axes 32mm
Maximum drilling depth 70mm
Drill chuck diameter 10mm
Drill tilt angle 0-90

General specifications

Maximum workpiece size 850x3000mm
Maximum workpiece height 65mm
Desk size 900x340mm
Compressed air connection 6-8 bar
Weight 320 kg
Diameter of vacuum tube 80mm

Main electrical parameters

Engine 3x400V, 50Hz

2.0 HP (1,5kW)

Drilling rig FD21 Professional is imported in complete units at Wood & Brothers. With the purpose of serving the diverse production needs of customers, from small to professional production, Wood & Brothers always tries to provide the best products and services. To get the fastest quote for the FD 21 Professional drilling rig, please contact hotline 0908 333 757.


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