Sliding table saw FB 740 S

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  • Sliding table saw FB 740 S
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The sliding table band saw is one of the indispensable tools in the modern wood production industry. With the development of technology, sliding table circular saws are increasingly equipped with additional functions to meet the increasing production needs of the industry.

In this article, Wood & Brothers introduces to you the FB 740 S sliding table saw, genuine imported in Vietnam.

Electric technology and cutting speed

To meet production needs with high precision, modern sliding table circular saws are equipped with electronic control systems and the ability to flexibly adjust cutting speed. FB 740 S sliding table saw | Felder has the ability to adjust cutting speeds from 320 to 1120 m/min for 5.5 kW and 7.35 kW motors. This helps users easily adjust the cutting speed to suit different types of wood and production purposes.

Equipment for saw blades

Saw blade support equipment is one of the important factors that help improve the performance of sliding table band saws. Modern sliding table circular saws use different types of devices to reduce friction, increase blade life, and achieve high precision in the cutting process.

FB 740 S sliding table saw | Felder has equipment such as:

  • Saw blade unit with flexible cutting speed adjustment
  • Guide the saw blade with a special ceramic insert ring to ensure high precision
  • Saw blade guide with brass parts to meet different production needs
  • Electrified saw blade lubrication system to improve cutting performance
  • Smooth rolling wheels with diameters of 740 mm or 940 mm to reduce friction and improve cutting accuracy
  • Clamping system for flat and round components with diameters from 50 to 600 mm

Sliding table

The sliding table is one of the important supporting devices of the sliding table circular saw. It helps cut wood more easily and achieve greater precision. Sliding table circular saw FB 740 S | Felder has different types of sliding tables in different lengths and widths to meet different production needs.

In addition to the main features and equipment, modern sliding table circular saws are also equipped with auxiliary equipment to improve the performance and accuracy of the cutting process. Some important auxiliary equipment of the machine Fb 740 S sliding table saw | Felder includes:

  • M20 bolt installation kit – makes assembling and disassembling devices easier
  • Linear laser light for sliding table circular saw – helps users easily monitor and adjust the cutting process
  • Flexback saw blades with different lengths and widths to meet different production needs
  • Stellite saw blade – helps increase the durability and longevity of the saw blade

Outstanding technical characteristics of the FB 740 S sliding table saw

The external frame table has workpiece rollers to support loading large-sized workpieces easily. Cross-cut fence with convenient measuring and coupling system, reading lenses on fence stops ensure precise adjustment and cross-cutting up to 2600 mm. The cross-sectional fence can rotate from 90° – 45° and has a standard stop. A fixed reference position is provided at 90°.

The powerful motor of each sliding table saw version with 3x400V and 50 Hz provides the best performance and outstanding results when processing a wide range of materials.

FB 740 S: 5.5 kW (7.35 kW option)
FB 740 SW: 7.35 kW (9.2 kW optional)
FB 940 S: 7.35 kW
FB 940 SW: 11 kW

The front third of the two solid steel wheels is cupped. Brass scraper blades are installed in the upper and lower parts of the band saw to protect the machine from dust and dirt and ensure high concentricity. The device is ideal for cutting damp and wet wood when using lubricants or for working with aluminum, copper, copper or composite materials.

Optional circular saws can be equipped with rubber-coated wheels. The elasticity of the rubber coating minimizes the loads that occur and thus prevents the blade from moving from its position. Narrower circular saw blades with diagonal teeth can also be used.

The belt lubrication device provides release to the circular saw blade through a felt pad and thus cleans and protects the blade from resin and dirt.

With an electro-pneumatic blade lubricant, lubricant is sprayed onto the saw blade against the direction of blade movement through a nozzle. Because of its lubricating and simultaneous cooling effect, this is a significant advantage, especially when machining plastic or metal.

Through the technical specifications of the sliding table miter saw FB 740 S | Felder, if you have any needs or questions, please contact 0908 333 757 for the most detailed and dedicated advice.


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