Tempora 60.06L X-motion-plus Edgebander

  • Model: Tempora 60.06L X-motion-plus
  • Chain conveyor speed 10 and 18 meters/min (optional)
  • Tempora 60.06L X-motion-plus Edgebander
  • Ball-bearing spool table, 750 mm in diameter
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Product characteristics


The great improvement of the wood edgebander series must be mentioned in the Tempora 60.06L X – motion plus edgebander. A revolution in automatic edge processing technology, replace the PUR granule glue pot with a new type of roll glue so-called glueBox, no excess glue processing, no glue pot cleaning, no lost or removal of glue in the process of edge banding.

The difference of Tempora 60.06LX edge banding machine – motion plus

Edge banding machine suitable for high-end needs

It is undeniable that Tempora 60.06L X – motion plus edgebander is a high-end machine with outstanding technology in the Top of high-end edgebander at Wood & Brothers.

  • The user-friendly “m-motion” control system on the Tempora 60.06LX – motion plus edgebander ensures absolute repeatability, allowing for the quickest set-up and material change times with the most advanced tools. Programs for machining can be individually configurable.
  • A network-connected smart touch panel saves installation time because all functions are controlled and controlled via the touch screen.
  • GlueBox glue technology: Making the process of handling PUR glue easier and more convenient than ever is the outstanding advantage of this edgebander. Heat and water resistance, extremely small glue joints, and reduced glue consumption are all advantages of PUR glue that glueBox technology fully exploits.

Tempora 60.06L full function edgebander (optional)

Tempora 60.06LX motion plus has many optional functions
  • Full functions include pre-milling, cutting before and after, milling on and off three round/beveled/flat profiles, corner milling, thread polishing, spray polishing, and polishing. Premium function: Pre-milling with two diamond-blade inserts, then rounding after edgebanding for perfect results.
  • AdvantEdge hot air threading unit – lineless thread banding technology. The patented technology heats the gluing material with compressed air, resulting in a completely homogeneous product between the board and the thread, especially with High gloss materials. Ensure the product’s excellent aesthetics and waterproofing!

Outstanding functional features

  • Power system: 3-phase power 400V, 50Hz
  • Control system with intelligent touch screen “X-motion PLUS” 15”
  • Chain conveyor speed 10 and 18 meters/min (optional)
  • Ball-bearing spool table, diameter of 750 mm
  • Workpiece holder expandable to 450 mm
  • Professional workpiece conveyor
  • Mechanical-pneumatically controlled workpiece feeding guard, ensuring accurate and safe workpiece feeding (optional)
  • Pre-milling with 2 counter-rotating diamond cutters
  • Non-stick gluepot 1.5 kg glue beads, use EVA or PUR glue
  • State-of-the-art glueBox technology and Hot air line-free edgebanding (optional)
  • Fully equipped with the following parts: End cutting; top-down milling; corner milling
  • Roll and strip edgebanding material supply
Each function is optimized for maximum use.

Finished parts

  • Edge polishing unit, rounded profile, radius R=2mm, mechanical control
  • Polishing unit with 2 motors
  • Water misting unit cleans PUR glue before banding

Working size

  • Minimum workpiece width: 70mm
  • Minimum workpiece length: 140 mm
  • Minimum workpiece height: 8 mm
  • Maximum workpiece height: 60mm
  • Thickness of PVC/ABS edgebanding thread: 0.4-3 mm
  • Band thread thickness up to 6 mm

Advantages of the line-free edgebander

Products from Tempora 60.06LX motion plus edgebander

Acrylic Edgeber, Laminate without borders, eliminates the edges only, making the wood panel look like a seamless block. Acrylic or laminate without lines completely covers the inside of the industrial wood core, preventing the wood core from coming into contact with water and humid air outside, increasing the product’s durability and aesthetics.

The quality of the line-free furniture products will increase its value as well as the business’s furniture brand.

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