Tempora 60.12 X-motion-plus Edgebander

  • Model: Tempora 60.12 X-motion-plus
  • Dimension (L1) 3995 mm x (W2) 1115 mm
  • Tempora 60.12 X-motion-plus Edgebander
  • Net weight: 990 kg
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Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus edgebander is one of the high-end edgebander from Felder Group – Austria. With nearly 70 years of researching and manufacturing woodworking machines, Felder has proven its market position through high-quality woodworking products, modern, exclusive technology, and optimal design for users, always putting carpenters’ needs first.

Why is high-end Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus edgebander?

The current wooden workshop on the market always aims to simplify the process, save labor and labor, and to do so, the machine must integrate many functions, have a stable capacity, and be able to operate with guaranteed output. Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus Edgebander is designed specifically for high-end needs to meet market requirements, with the following criteria: Fast – Easy – Effective.

High-end Tempora 60.12 Edgebander

To accomplish this, the Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus edgebander combines speed, productivity, flexibility, and user comfort in a fully functional Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus edge banding machine.

  • When operating at full capacity, the machine’s solid frame and functional details ensure absolute stability.
  • The “x-motion plus” control panel with user-friendly options ensures uniformity and stable operation
  • The individually configurable operating program allows for quick changes in gluepot and thread material.
  • Depending on production requirements, there may be multiple vacancies for finished units.

Functions of Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus

  • dgeControl: measure the edge of the workpiece by bluetooth operating and adjusting the tempora edgebander becomes easier and more accurate. Workpiece size and thickness are precisely saved and transferred to the SmartTouch control panel via bluetooth
Special function of European Edgebander
  • Pre-milling unit: before gluing, ensure that the board’s edge is not scratched, chipped, or wet before proceeding to the threading glue step.
  • Depending on the type of material, thick or thin, the press unit with only three rollers can adjust the pressure.
  • The Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus gluepot only takes 8 minutes to get started
  • End cutting function with two independent high frequency motors (12,000 rpm) and a linear guide ensures high precision
  • Upper and lower milling can cut flat, radial, or chamfered edges, and the unit comes with two independent cutters and a high frequency motor (12,000 rpm).
  • Radius scraper, once more processing the board’s edge radius to ensure a smooth finish product
  • The integrated cornering unit increases productivity by handling the board’s corners while ensuring billet feeding speed
Parts for perfect results
  • Some vacant positions for the finished parts, customers can choose according to production needs such as: Glue scraper, spray polishing solution, polishing, edge heating, etc.


  • 10.4” colored touch panel
  • Pre-milling with 2 counter-rotating diamond cutters
  • With corner rounding device
  • Roll and strip edgebanding material supply
  • Minimum and maximum thickness of banding material: 0.3 – 12mm
  • Minimum and maximum thickness of workpiece: 8- 60 mm
  • Minimum width of workpiece: 70 mm
  • Minimum length of workpiece: 140 mm
  • Working table height: 950 mm
  • Dimension (L1) 3995 mm x (W2) 1115 mm
  • Net weight: 990 kg
  • Connecting the vacuum hose:120 + 2×80 mm

Tempora 60.12 X Motion Plus high-end Edgebander is a device that helps improve product quality; additionally, it is a machine for long-term production, increasing the value of the customer’s furniture brand. With the motto: Our motivation is to save you time.” Felder high-end woodworking machine brand completely meets the most professional user standards. Contact us now at 0908 333 757 for detailed consultation.


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