WB-14E 4-head CNC Router

  • Model: WB-14E
  • 4-head CNC Router Machine
  • Working itinerary: X=1300mm; Y=2500mm; Z=200mm
  • Automatic workpiece lifting and lowering table
  • New generation SYNTEC controller
  • Quality meeting export standards
  • Item is in stock
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Product characteristics


4-head WB-14E CNC router machine is a stable quality 4-head CNC router machine series distributed by Wood & Brothers. The machine is imported completely from the place of production, without taking apart accessories to ensure long-term stable operation. The technology and components of the machine come from Taiwan, the 4-head WB – 14E CNC router series is a machine suitable for all segments of small, medium and large workshops to meet the function of cutting, drilling and milling industrial boards.

Some highlights of the 4-head WB-14E CNC router

  • SYNTEC control system – Taiwan: The 4-head WB-14E cnc router series with Taiwan Syntec control system is famous for its stable operation and being upgraded and continuously developed in technology. Syntec control system is currently a powerful control system in the Asian computer industry market. Syntec control system is capable of fast and stable data transmission, ensuring long-term stable operation for furniture factories in Vietnam market.
  • The main shaft of the machine reaches a capacity of 6kW equivalent to 4 cutter heads. The main shaft is air cooled, the automatic tool change is carried out precisely through the cylinder changeover. The spindle speed reaches 24000 rpm, the maximum travel speed is 60m/min, ensuring continuous machine operation, shortening production time.
  • Vacuum table of 4-head WB – 14E CNC machine with water capacity of 7.5kW, customers can be assured of the machine’s workpiece suction capacity. Large vacuum capacity will always ensure the contact surface between the workpiece and the table.
  • Table top options for placement of workpieces includes 6 flexible vacuum zones depending on the size of the workpiece. The 4-head WB – 14E CNC router machine also integrates a workpiece support system to avoid flying during the machining process. In case of cutting small details, the finished product will be more beautiful and sharper when the workpiece is fixed.
  • Large Servo motor reaches 1.5kw Dorna, 4-head CNC machine can handle many manufacturing stages such as: cutting, milling, drilling, grooving, etc. Applied on natural wood materials, industrial wood or various non-metallic materials. 
  • The SHAC rails from Taiwan help the assemblies go up and down the 25mm XZ axis, especially the Y30mm axis. The process moves smoothly, the axes operate stably in the case of the machine running continuously. Helical gear rack, X, Y axes gear drive and Z axis lead screw.
  • The axes and gears operate in a smooth combination thanks to the automatic lubricating oil injection system. The automatic oil pump system helps to limit friction when the axes move continuously with large capacity, avoiding rail wear. Over a long period of use, the machine still produces precise, beautiful and sharp cuts.

Optional parts for 4-head WB – 14E CNC router machine

  • The 4-head S1 – 4E CNC router machine at W&B has optional parts such as workpiece lifting table and automatic workpiece output table. When integrating these two parts, you will maximize the process of lifting and lowering workpieces and transferring embryos. At the same time, saving product production time and labor costs at the stage of moving the workpiece.
  • Detailed specifications:
  • The lifting capacity of the lifting table is as large as 2.5 tons with dimensions to suit all production needs L2400 x H1400 x W1200mm.
  • Table out the workpiece with a speed of 1,400 RPM, the board is fast and stable thanks to the motor power of 0.75kW.

Specifications of 4-head WB – 14E CNC router machine

Workspace dimensionsX=1300mm   Y=2500mm    Z=200mm
Main spindle powerMain shaft 4 x 6kw (4 heads) HQD, air cooled.
Motor controllerLeadshine Servo Drive Motor 1500kw
Control systemTaiwan Syntec FC 60CB control system
ReducerZhuolan reducer
Working table structureVacuum table
Vacuum pump7.5kw water vacuum pump
Guide railsSHAC XZ 25MM , Y30mm Taiwan brand
Rack supportSpiral rack
InverterDelixi inverter
X,Y,Z axes transmission mechanismX, Y axes gear drives, Z axis lead screw
Pneumatic positioning cylinderThere is a cylinder to position the workpiece
Vacuum cleaner5.5kw double bag vacuum cleaner
Lubricating oil pump systemAutomatic lubricating oil pump system
Main spindle speed18000RMP
Maximum movement speed60 meters/minute
Maximum working speed35 meters/minute
Power supply3-phase power supply , 380 V, 50 Hz

The 4-head CNC router machine at Wood & Brothers is listed as one of the best-selling CNC machines in the last 3 years. Thanks to the flexible processing ability with 4 optional cutter heads, the machine’s capacity is stable and the price is especially suitable for all financial needs.

What customers get when buying CNC machines at Wood & Brothers

Wood & Brothers supports opening many payment methods for customers: installment payment, payment via credit. Especially, to support customers with late payment when buying machines, the larger the machine line, the better discounts will be supported by Wood & Brothers.

The Wood & Brothers team has many years of experience in the furniture and woodworking machinery industry. The technical team is periodically trained at the company and is updated with new technology knowledge every year. The team at Wood & Brothers is always ready to support when customers need them, rotating to the customer’s workshop for periodic maintenance. Woodworking machines supplied by Wood & Brothers are cared for and maintained every 3 months. Make sure the machine always operates in the most stable and accurate condition.

Customers who invest in CNC machines or any woodworking machines at Wood & Brothers always enjoy a dedicated warranty. Repair and upgrade services are supported within 48 hours. Contact 0908 333 757 now for the fastest and most detailed advice.


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