Is it necessary to invest in a vacuum cleaner when using woodworking machines?

Có cần thiết đầu tư máy hút bụi khi dùng máy chế biến gỗ?

In addition to machinery equipment serving the wood production and processing process, wood factories also need to invest in vacuum cleaners. The amount of wood mulch and wood dust in the air is extremely large, which can affect health as well as the operation of machinery in the workshop. In the following article, Woodbro will answer the question, is it necessary to invest in a vacuum cleaner when using a woodworking machine? to you guys.

Harmful effects of wood workshop dust

Wood workshops and carpentry workshops are places where natural or industrial wood is processed, produced, and manufactured. During this process, wood dust may appear due to sawing, grinding, cutting, trimming, pressing, and drying wood. This amount of wood dust will float in the air or remain in the factory, causing great impacts on aesthetics, health and machine operation. Some harmful effects of wood dust can include:

  • Workers working in wood factories can inhale dust and wood dust, affecting the respiratory tract and lungs.
  • A large amount of dust and dirt can affect and hinder the engine’s rotation and heating of the machine
  • Wood dust sticks to objects and landscapes around the wood workshop, affecting the aesthetics
  • Wood dust that accumulates over time is an ideal environment for organisms and bacteria that are harmful to health.

Through the harmful effects of wood dust above, you probably have the answer to the question: Is it necessary to invest in a vacuum cleaner when using woodworking machines? or not. In the next part of the article, we will learn about the benefits of using a woodshop vacuum cleaner.

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Criteria for selecting types of vacuum cleaners in wood workshops

For small and medium sized wood workshops, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with medium capacity. For medium and large workshops, you should choose a machine with a large capacity. The vacuum cleaner line can suck all wood dust, wood chips, and sawdust from the environment.

       Is it necessary to invest in a vacuum cleaner when using woodworking machines?

This machine line helps save time and effort in cleaning up wood dust, ensuring hygiene and safety for the factory. The criteria for evaluating a vacuum cleaner suitable for a wood workshop are as follows:

  • The capacity of the wood workshop vacuum cleaner is appropriate to the area, scale and amount of wood dust in the workshop
  • The vacuum cleaner is suitable for the purpose and needs of use
  • Wood vacuum cleaner comes from a reputable brand, guaranteed quality, good performance, and high durability
  • The machine has an affordable price, suitable for users’ pockets

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