What is CNC Machine? Basic Knowledge About CNC Machines

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CNC machines are becoming increasingly important in the furniture manufacturing industry, household appliances in particular and the wood processing industry in general. But to access and take advantage of all the highlights of CNC machines for a newcomer is quite difficult. Therefore, Woorbro.vn hopes that the following basic knowledge can help you learn about CNC machines easier.

What is CNC machine?

First, you need to understand that CNC is literally translated as Computer(ized) Numerical(ly) Control(led)), which is the machining process (cutting, drilling, milling, router, tenon,… ) automatically on materials (such as wood, composite, metal, etc.) to form finished products with the desired shape and size characteristics of the user.

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Operating principle of CNC machine

For newbies, it will be quite difficult to understand thoroughly and in-depth the operating principles of CNC machines, but basically it can be understood as follows:

  • The first thing to do to get the CNC machine to work is to load the program into the computer system. The computer will then be responsible for processing information and controlling the machine’s parts to perform their functions according to the pre-installed program and process the product.
  • The machine’s shaft head will move according to the X,Y,Z coordinate system. In particular, the Z axis moves up and down according to a preset distance, the machine body has a table to fix the workpiece and moves along the X and Y axes to create cutting lines to cut off the processed material.
  • Coordinate system of CNC machine

Popular types of CNC machines on the market

Depending on usage needs, users should invest in the most suitable type of machine. There are many types of CNC machines on the market and can be based on their uses, control methods, operating systems, etc.

Classification based on use:

  • CNC cutting machine: uses CNC technology to cut materials into desired shapes. CNC cutting machines can cut in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional space, so they will produce highly sophisticated products.
  • CNC chisel: used when needing to create reliefs and statues on wood
  • CNC milling machine: used to mill, cut, drill,… with a tool called a milling cutter meticulously and with high accuracy
  • CNC lathe: used to create circular parts, the machine has a fairly simple structure and is easy to use. Depending on usage needs, you can choose 2-axis turning or 4-axis turning
  • CNC drilling machine: to apply to small material details (wood, plastic, metal, etc.), you can use a bench drill; Use a drill for larger and thicker materials.
  • Central CNC machine: also known as universal CNC machine because it integrates most of the functions of other types of
  • CNC machines such as cutting, turning, milling, drilling, engraving, chiseling, etc. with just 1 machine. times the workpiece.
  • Central CNC machines are considered a remarkable step forward in helping to reduce labor costs, processing time and investment costs while still providing perfect machining results.

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Classification based on origin: European CNC machines, Taiwanese CNC machines, Chinese machines,…

Classification based on control system:

  • Point to point control system: machining on defined points such as spot welding machines, drilling machines, boring machines, etc.
  • Straight line control system: machining according to pre-planned straight lines
  • Line control system: machining according to predetermined lines such as 2D machine, 3D machine, 4D machine, 5D machine,…

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Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines

– Advantages of a CNC machine that you should know:

  • Through pre-programmed software programs, dependence on humans in the machining process is almost reduced to a minimum.
  • CNC machines help limit errors during the machining process. Product specifications will be loaded into the machine and edited easily and quickly
  • Helps increase production productivity many times compared to previous manual processing. Support for batch machining. Machining on a variety of materials
  • Create more sophisticated and quality products in a short time
  • With flexibility in writing, loading and editing programs, it saves time adjusting the machine
  • With very high precision, it is suitable for processing small details and requiring high meticulousness

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– Disadvantages of CNC machines

Machine investment costs are quite high
Requires CNC machine operators to have basic knowledge of computers
After the warranty period expires, repairing the device will cost a considerable amount of money

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