45° Double miter saw JDS-300W/JDS-350W (45°)

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  • Model: JDS-300W/JDS-350W (45°)
  • Spindle speed: 3,200rpm (60Hz)
  • Production speed: 20 cuts / minute
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45° Double miter saw JDS-300W/JDS-350W (45°)

Outstanding Features:

  •   This double miter saw can cut two 45 degree angles for perfect 90 degree joints.
  •   The machine has magnetic switch with thermal overload protection.
  •   Saw blade raising and lowering speed controls can be adjusted for different wood material cutting.
  •   Foot switch provides operators with convenient control for machine start.
  •   Two side wings support long stock and the Stop can be set for cutting multiple pieces of uniform length.
  •   When open the front guard, machinery will disconnect power immediately for safety reason.


Angle of cutting 45°
Cutting capacity 70mm /2-3/4″ (Wide)

70mm /2-3/4″ (Thick)

90mm/3-1/2″ (Wide)

90mm/3-1/2″ (Thick)

Table height from floor 860 mm (34)
Production speed 20 cuts / minute
Spindle diameter Ø 25.4mm (Ø1″)
Spindle speed 3,200rpm (60Hz)
Saw blade 305xØ25.4mmx120T (12″xØ1″x120T) 355xØ25.4mmx120T (14″xØ1″x120T)
Motor 2HP x 2
Side clamping system N/A Side-clamps (2 pieces)
Air pressure required 5kg/cm2 (71psi / 5bar)
Extension table length 1,200mm / 47.2″ (in & out feeding)
Machine over size 6,750mm x 3,780mm x 1,470mm
Packing size (L x W x H) 1,500 x 900 x 1,620 mm 1,490 x 880 x 1,650 mm
N.W./ G.W. 355 kgs / 402 kgs 480 kgs / 590 kgs


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45° Double miter saw JDS-300W/JDS-350W (45°)

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