Double end multiple sawing machine TS-110

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  • Model: TS-110
  • Saw blade speed: 4,000 rpm
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Double end multiple sawing machine TS-110

Auto. High Efficient Multiple Double End Saw !

Outstanding Features:

  • Both side of saw blade axial are using Germany made REXROTH-BOSCH liner rail.
  • Automatic double sides of vertical and horizontal multiple sawing to set up fixed length.
  • The both side of sawing can be adjusted smoothly from 0°~45° degrees by turbine engine.
  • All of operating and clamping are driven by oil pressure smoothly.
  • Foot switch provides operators with convenient control for machines stop and start.
  • The main body and rail seat are made by accurate cast iron. That with high quality of manufacture; also the spindles are with high quality of liner ball bearing which can extend the life of machinery stability.
  • The automatic lubricator provides lubrication to spindle stroke ensuring smooth motions all times. Lubrication frequency and oil flow are adjustable. That eliminates downtime and increase machine life.


Max. working width460 mm
Max. working length (90°)1,000 mm
Min. working length (90°)320 mm
Max. working high120 mm
Diameter of saw12″~14″
Saw blade horizontal adjustable0° ~ 45°
Saw blade vertical adjustable+25°~-20°
Saw blade motor5HPx2
Saw blade speed4,000 rpm
Saw blade size12″~14″
Saw spindle diameter1″ (25.4 mm)
Table high from floor900 mm
Hydraulic motor2HP x1
Machine size1,900×2,600×1,620 mm
Packing size2.610×1,880×1,800 mm
NW.G.W.2017/2/120 kgs


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Double end multiple sawing machine TS-110

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