Straight line rip saw JR-14/JR-18/JR-20

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  • Model: JR-14/JR-18/JR-20
  • Feeding speed: 11-28m/min
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  1. Accurate fence and lock System

The cast iron fence slide on the hard-chromium treatment round bar together with the lock system, that is providing accurate reading and position of the fence.

  1. Auxiliary roller

An integrated construction of pressure roller and frame ensures high accuracy and rigidity.

  1. Automatic lubrication

Automatic controlled oil pump provides lubrication to all major parts to extend the machine service life.

  1. Safety guard

Sliding safety guard mounted on the machine to complete the protection, also provides smoothly feeding during operation.

  1. Safety guard

The double-track chain conveyer has wide working surface so that the material can be but straightly, precisely and smoothly.

  1. Control panel(Option the inverter feeding)

Feeding speed is controlled by frequency inverter and displayed the speed on the screen. Also the working list may put next to the panel for convenient study.

  1. Table Anti-Kickback finger (Opt.)

One more anti-kickback finger on the table provides more safety protection.

  1. Digital control on the rip fence (Opt.)

The fence will automatically move to the position set up by the control panel for the convenience operation also high efficient.

  1. Powered elevation device (Opt.)
  2. Laser

Available to be fitted with laser unit and can preview precision of the saw path in advance for long length of the woodworking piece with less material loss.


Model JR-14 JR-18 JR-20
Arbor motor 10HP 15HP 20HP
Sawblade diameter Ø305-355 Ø355-455 Ø355-500
Sawblade bore Ø50.8 Ø50.8 Ø50.8
Working thickness 70mm 120mm 145mm
Distance between saw & column 500mm 660mm 660mm
Spindle rotation 3600rpm 3600rpm 3600rpm
Feeding motor 2Hp 2Hp 3Hp
Feeding speed 11-28m/min
Dust collection system Ø100mm x 2 Ø100mm + Ø125mm
Table area 1650 x 920mm 2000 x 1160mm 2000 x 1160mm
N.W/G.W 1100/1400kg 1900/2100kg 1960/2210kg
Packing size 1900 x 1500 x 1550mm 2270 x 1750 x 1650mm 2270 x 1750 x 1650mm


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Straight line rip saw JR-14/JR-18/JR-20

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