CREATOR 950 Center CNC Drilling Machine

  • Model: CREATOR 950
  • CREATOR 950 Center CNC Drilling Machine
  • The machine is compatible with the DH25 drill head
  • Interior finishing processing on an area of ​​only 5 m²
  • Satisfy all high-end machining requirements
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Product characteristics


The Creator series aims to provide efficient CNC machining at a reasonable cost. All models are outfitted with cutting-edge CNC technology and can be customized to meet the needs of individual customers using separate equipment. The Creator 950 central CNC drilling machine is more than just a simple and safe solution for CNC machining. The machine can also be used as a supplement to reduce the workload on the workshop’s other central CNC machines.

Outstanding advantages of the CREATOR 950 central CNC drilling machine

  • Compact CNC technology with 5m² space requirement
  • Includes all standard 4-sided formats
  • Immediate operation: Maximum output with minimal setup time
  • Without a vacuum housing and panel placement
  • A wide range of production deployment, furniture, doors, cabinets,…
  • Traditional overhead handling – simple loading
  • Smart control panel provides intuitive control.
  • Easy to understand software
  • Excellent production results and consistent commodity output
  • Premium quality at the best price, suitable for all production requirements

Specification of creator center CNC drilling machine 950

The spindle and the drill head are continuously driven: The 12kW spindle offers high efficiency and allows handling of a wide variety of materials. The DH17 drill head includes standards for comprehensive workpiece processing. Depending on the application, the creator 950 CNC center drill can be equipped with an optional DH25 drill head.

4-sided format: Router can format 4 sides and cut out in table. The only requirement is that the outer edge of the workpiece maintain its right-angle shape.

Wood flash control software: Format 4’s essential technologies include rapid programming and intuitive control. Consequently, a cost-effective utilization of Creator 950 can be determined with a batch size of 1. Customers can create CNC machining programs quickly and easily with Format4’s modern software technology. The graphical user interface gives you a three-dimensional representation of each input. This gives visual feedback on all inputs at all times.

4 tool change positions ensure quick change of tools and axes

Versatile with multiple axes: Utilize standard units in customer applications to maintain adaptability. In addition, the die spindle of the Creator 950 series has a pneumatic interface, allowing the units to operate pneumatically during machining. Thus, the lifespan of the spindle die can be extended and the removal of workpieces from the grooves can be guaranteed.

The machine has 2 rows of stops: for longer workpieces, simple handling of longer workpieces is facilitated by the second row of stops.

Transporting horizontal workpieces – machining from above: The horizontal handling concept of Creator 950 immediately wins over users. Even the heaviest workpieces can be easily handled by one person. Common transport aids, such as the height-adjustable Felder FAT 300/300 S/500 S workbench, facilitate material handling on both sides of the machine.

Table dimension: The creator 950 central CNC drilling machine is equipped with a phenol table as standard. The air-cushioned workbench protects sensitive surfaces by ensuring that the moving material is not damaged or scratched.

Rear workpiece unloading is integrated to optimize the customer’s production process.

Table extender: The available roller extender can be equipped with an air cushion as an option and improves handling of large format workpieces over 1400 mm in length.

Handle movement system: The dual handle movement system runs along the X axis. The grips are individually driven and guided through a camber-toothed support. “Varius Drive” enables dynamic clamping of longer workpieces, allowing for faster processing of workpieces.

Vertical roller: The vertical pressure roller can precisely switch between drilling and milling tools based on the thickness of the workpiece.

Workpiece feeding part: Creator 950 can adjust various feeding rates

Automatic tool measurement system: Automatic tool measurement unit determines the tool length to one hundredth of a millimeter accuracy. This eliminates operator measurement errors, saving time and ensuring operational efficiency.

Close the latch along the X axis: into the workpiece in both X-axis directions.

Close the mobile latch: Quick setup time.

Hệ thống đo lường phôi: Measure the workpiece automatically in the X and Y directions.

Connection of vacuum cleaner with position control: The entire dust extraction power is moved between the drill head and the spindle with the automatic control of the dust extraction connection. Depending on the function used during the factory’s production.

Machining with Lamello Clamex-P: The special Clamex-P milling tool enables the use of a detachable joint in series for furniture, shelves, built-in cabinets, kitchen cabinets, etc.

About Felder – Austria woodworking machines

Felder Group, with over 60 years in the woodworking machinery manufacturing, guarantees perfect mechanical machining results with long-term reliability. All Felder woodworking machines are made in Austria with more than 200 types of machines that are suitable for all needs regarding functionality as well as investment levels. Felder is constantly improving the quality and technology for woodworking machines to bring customers the highest use value.

Wood & Brothers is the official distributor of Felder (Austria) woodworking machines in Vietnam. In order to meet the needs of the Vietnam market, Wood & Brothers is constantly seeking and absorbing advanced technologies and exclusive solutions from abroad, thereby bringing the highest production value to the domestic manufacturing industry. For those interested in investing in high-end woodworking machines with European technological lines, please contact at 0908 333 757 for the most detailed consultation.

Your decision for Felder – a risk-free option

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience – already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


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